Chiang Rai Ride Reports

Depends on the direction the impact comes from. If it comes from a hit nearly straight up your spine then probably not, but if at more of an angle (that tends to happen when tumbling off a bike at speed) it can help. Got the marks on my armour to prove it.



(These marks were made coming off after hitting spilt diesel on the road riding back from Mae Hong Son a few years ago.)

I've also got hip padding in my shorts (they're zip-off shorts from Fox over-boot trousers).


Not the best quality stuff but it all helps... (Always make sure to have some Ibuprofen in your first-aid kit too as it's an anti-inflam' as well as a pain killer.)

If you can't move well enough after an off when you're out in isolated places then you've got problems - potentially v. serious problems if you're on your own...
Doi Chaang loop today with Gerard visiting the area , good ride , thunder and clowds around the mountain but no rain

start behind Singha farm and up the rock climb @ khun korn , not dry like last time , more slippery

Look's nicely graded now, did you cross on Chris's favourite swing bridge Ronny ?
no not crossed the bridge Bob , just watched the locals

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Thanks for showing me round Ron, awesome trail knowledge!
Old XR still gets the job done.


Afternoon ride out to Ban Cha? today after the rain nice and cool but a bit slippery.
Love the Chiang Rai area, i shall return.
Water pump weeping again. Caught it early and topped it off all the way back to CR, runs fine.
Will readup soon and see if I can block the weep hole and limp back to CM or truck it.
Been a while since i've got some mud on my boot's being busy with other projects, so a window in the weather had myself Ronny and Jim take a quick run up Doi Bo and for me to get the cobweb's out. Here are some of the pictures and videos we shot of the day.



2014-08-13 11.02.29.jpg 10599198_10202728803797633_4428353450290679513_n.jpg

10590531_10202728804597653_1201968324756535019_n.jpg 1937489_10202728805677680_3192885744113888667_n.jpg

1919669_10202728805357672_7566385536020822114_n.jpg 1510469_10202728804077640_6147922632235371253_n.jpg

2014-08-13 11.55.51.jpg 2014-08-13 11.44.57.jpg

2014-08-13 11.44.56.jpg 2014-08-13 11.44.17.jpg

2014-08-13 11.03.24.jpg 2014-08-13 11.02.37.jpg

2014-08-13 10.31.01.jpg 2014-08-13 10.31.10.jpg 2014-08-13 10.31.23.jpg



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Clip 3 from the ride.

I'll put all that up when I've edited it. Too much pointless stuff... Here's a pic of it all:

View attachment 28538

(Phrao is down around where the Google mark is - tracks already mapped to get over there. See the Chiang Rai / Chiang Mai border line - there's tracks roughly following that down to the 118 close to CM already mapped too.)

Love your work her, good stuff. Thanx :cool:
You Tube finally allowed me to upload this from a few weeks ago.

Doi Boo Loop

Great ride out today several local riders showing up for a very cool dry day's riding and a good opportunity for me to try out the CRM AR 250 after PGMI repair by Two Stroke Racelab

As your can see the ride was pretty elevated.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 23.49.54.jpg

The route

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 23.35.13.jpg

Lovely crisp but dusty start to the day.

P1050003.jpg P1050005.jpg

Beautiful wooded section near the Royal Projects

P1050008.jpg P1050009.jpg

P1050012.jpg P1050018.jpg

Jim & Ronny


Deserted Christian church looks like it is no longer in use and surprised nobody has tried to dismantle it for it timberwork.

P1050034.jpg P1050035.jpg

Seen this structure several times before but not sure of its significance.


Down to more level ground and the Kok river comes in view.

P1050052.jpg P1050055.jpg

Sad to see the burning season is starting early this year.


Some of the kid's at the local village shop.

P1050063.jpg P1050066.jpg

Messers Darryl & Ronny enjoying a post ride chat.

P1050067.jpg P1050068.jpg

On the way back home stopped off at the point i came to grief earlier in the year breaking my wrist, still no warning signs apart from a notice about rubbish tipping.

North Kok to Doi Hang Via Khun Korn

Decided to take San my Thai friend out for a nice looping ride along the Kok river to the Doi Mae Salong check point and loop back towards Khun Korn waterfall and on to Doi Hang to complete the loop while the visibility was still reasonable.

Sorry about the poor pictures my camera is in the doctors so using my trusty old Olympus.

The planned route.

GPX file at the bottom of the post

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 19.32.48.jpg

As dry as it get's at the moment

2015-02-26 10.00.20.jpg 2015-02-26 10.09.19.jpg

Pretty poor viz, locals making a good luck or spirit house

2015-02-26 10.12.35.jpg 2015-02-26 10.22.07.jpg

Found a little water for San to splash around in.

2015-02-26 10.46.15.jpg

Lot's of burning starting right now.

2015-02-26 10.54.33.jpg 2015-02-26 12.57.27.jpg

A little detour around the tourist village for San to cool off.

2015-02-26 14.37.19.jpg 10994834_10153172113884587_1408625806_n.jpg

11005898_10153172113939587_259346931_n (1).jpg 11005958_10153172113909587_1476857540_n.jpg

Me trying for a not so perfect shot.

11005993_10153172113949587_386920395_n.jpg 11015907_10153172113879587_11820070_n.jpg

Heading back to the Singha farm


Me composing myself after vaulting over the handlebars.


Cute Lahu kid's


San getting a selfie to prove he was there.


DRy as can be.

P1011230.jpg P1011232.jpg

Almost dry riverbed full of garbage at the Lahu village


Heading towards Khun Korn

P1011235.jpg P1011236.jpg


Approaching Doi Hang

P1011239.jpg P1011240.jpg



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So far touch wood it's been working fine definitely recommend his service before forking out for a new one.
Chiang Rai 1/2 Day Ride With Some Fun Bit's Thrown In

Great mornings ride (only 70km) starting at the Singha farm and heading over towards and along the Kok river, this was our intended route.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 13.09.28.jpg

A slight detour had us on this trail, but with the amount of bamboo leaves around probably a wise move GPX at bottom of post.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 17.03.00.jpg

Anyway's started with a nice easy ride around the Singha farm to the tourist village after which it was a climb up the concrete road to the easily missed trail head.

Turn off for the bamboo trail next to the christian cemetery


Charming friendly lady


Start of the trail is pretty rocky, would be fun in the rainy season.

DSC07767.jpg DSC07768.jpg

Bamboo leaves everywhere

DSC00166.jpg DSC07771.jpg

Nice shaded section was welcome

DSC07772.jpg DSC07773.jpg

DSC07774.jpg DSC07775.jpg


Nice stopping point, would make a great camping spot with fresh water on tap.

DSC07778.jpg DSC07779.jpg

Views being spoilt by the oncoming smoke

DSC07780.jpg DSC07781.jpg

We finally reached the sealed road that leads to the Akha Hill GH, Ronny had an idea to ride through it, i had no idea there was a track past this point (not on the NT map)


Even the mighty KTM got caught on this sharp uphill.

DSC07782.jpg DSC07784.jpg

Lovely section of trail, with some interesting sections.

DSC07785.jpg DSC07786.jpg

DSC07787.jpg DSC07788.jpg



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Singha Park looping ride

Nice ride today before the rainy season kicks in with Craig bkk , Sergio myself and Jim, hope you guy's enjoyed the ride.

2015-06-17 10.40.46.jpg

2015-06-17 11.00.36.jpg

2015-06-17 11.43.12.jpg

2015-06-17 11.43.54.jpg

2015-06-17 11.55.35.jpg

2015-06-17 11.59.10.jpg

2015-06-17 12.11.24.jpg



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good ride the day after this one as well..great to see u again mate,and the others too! look forward to meet up again


Pleased you enjoyed the rides, we got very lucky with the weather and your tyres stood up very well in the conditions.
A quick radiator fix with the XR mechanic in Chiang Rai

20150617_171533.jpg by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Sergio was a bit worried about his tires, not really suited to the wet clay we might encounter.

P1010726_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Looked like it might be just the moisture rising from the previous days's rain

P1010717_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010719_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

But I was wrong it bucketed it down

P1010720_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

An hour later we could move on

P1010722_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010721_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Even the concrete in the villages was like ice

P1010724_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr
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All looks a bit different out there with some rain and things growing - A few wrong turns to start off with

Up to Doi Chiang for some cool air

P1010725_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

A strange sour smell in the air turned out to be coffee

P1010727_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Doi Chiang is famous for its coffee - The HQ

P1010728_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

There's a classy coffee shop there of course

P1010733_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

With a top shelf coffee machine

P1010730_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010732_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Back down the mountain, Mr Sneds felt a bit wobbly on the tarmac -- thought it was a flat but was running 7 PSI, thsnk God for rim locks

P1010735_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Back down onto the trails, everything a bit wet now

P1010737_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Sergio on a rocky section

P1010738_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr


P1010739_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Views over the Kok River were stunning

P1010740_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Starting to dry out in the sunny sections

P1010741_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010742_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr
Craig in a river crossing

P1010743_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

A bit muddy and rutted going down

P1010736_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Back to some tarmac in a village

P1010745_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

A ride across the Aleaja Bridge, donated by the Embassy of Japan and newly renovated by Singha

P1010746_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010747_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010749_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Then to Ban Lom Jen for a late lunch - They have Beer Lao (light and dark)

P1010750_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr
All super hungry, we gave the new Hungry Wolfs a try in Chiang Rai town.

More on Hungry Wolfs in the link below:

Lots of food, we were all stuffed

20150617_210255.jpg by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Then back to the Red Rose (short time finished)

20150617_224609.jpg by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

We checked out one of their 2 story rooms - Will have to try one next time

20150617_224917.jpg by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr
haha ! this red sh"t was like gel ! Michelin Sirac definetly not mud tires!! been spinning and drifting all day,had fun, however at this point dropped :lost

Real slippy here, Segio's road tires - 1 minute 30 seconds

Next day a loop more north planned after following the Kok river for while

P1010751_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

The beautiful Kok River

P1010752_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Terraced rice fields

P1010754_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Steve taking in the views

P1010755_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

P1010757_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Kok River

P1010760_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr

Longtails on the Kok that traverse from Chiang Rai through to Tha Ton

P1010764_edited by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr
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