Chiang Rai Ride Reports

Here's a .pdf from an OSM rendered map of the Lam Nam Kok National park, near to Chiang Rai. The last route we rode isn't all on here - I'll add from GPS sometime... Russ has already added that track Jim and me 1st did. ;)


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Here's the track from today - another good ride. Dryer, no rain, bit of sun. View attachment Track_001.gpx

Ronny leading - a big loop taking us north of the river to Huai Mae Sai Waterfall and Doi Bo Viewpoint, then over the river and down south...

I need to sort my cam chain tensioner, but we might get out again on Tuesday. (Mark, Bob - let us know if you're interested.)
Let you know when i get off the toilet :topes
I'm certainly interested in a ride on Tuesday if your not planning anything too difficult.
I've pulled something in my back the last few days. I can still ride but I don't want to be doing anything too extreme :)
This weekend. On the way up to Mae Fa Luang University, about 4k off the main road to the right:

View attachment 21300

Popped down for a quick look. Sunny day so things had dried out. Better for the riders but bit too hot for me so just watched a couple of races.


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nice pictures , did they jump like that with the old XR too ? Is the ride on tomorrow tuesday , 10.00am @ PTT DenHa ?
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Want me to put that one on too, Chris ?
Im going up to CR tuesday, staying in MaeLao on the way up - does that tie in with anything u r doing ?
Yes Russ, you can do. I was thinking to do an OSM update end-of-season like last time - when I've got lots more tracks. But quite happy to let you beat me to it!

Tuesday - like tomorrow? Seems like there's a ride planned for tomorrow... If you fancy an early start, we could hang on a bit for you - but that'd leave you knackered. So, maybe could do another ride a few days later if you're around for a while.
Hi Chris - probably not going to ready too early, and still have to fit the GPS etc, so OK, let me know where & when, but I expect "another time" will be the reality.
Just a note, seems we're using Facebook to arrange rides now, saves filling the forum with lots of uninteresting stuff... So, anyone interested in a C.R. ride, pm one of us or something - or we'll likely spot a post on here. (Frequent rides so far - which will hopefully continue, for those with bikes that frikin work.)

I'm sure any interesting ride reports with gpx, pics, maps whatever will get put up by someone, somewhere here on R.A. still... :D

Talking to a local mechanic who rides enduro all around here this morning. He says don't ride on your own if you're going on less used tracks, single tracks - especially north Lam Nam Kok NP - north of the river. Too much trouble around involving people moving ya baa / H about... Bad things have happened.
After 3 months, finally got out for a ride on my (hopefully) fixed bike. About 30 mins riding in cold mist, which lasted till 12ish, but then nice and sunny - though not too hot. Just me and Ronny today - had a good run and my bike seems sorted now :ride:

Ron has found a twisty single track heading west from Pha Kwang, along the north bank of the river - which was fun. Some other good bits too so a nice ride out. No pics cos me and Ron are lazy with that - but here's the gpx. (I did have to guestimate the stretch south side of the river as my iPhone gps app was being moody for that bit. Guess that's the way we went...)

Ron and me plan to ride again next Tuesday - north of the river, if anyone's interested. (Not checked those tracks since rainy season though - so might be some bits that aren't any good now.)


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Me and Ronny went out for a good ride north of the river. Most of the tracks we rode hadn't been too badly effected by the rains - and some of the more used double tracks had been repaired. A few of the slopes up after Doi Bo Viewpoint are always tricky - long and steep with loose rocks - and even worse ruts after this rainy season - but we got up. (Well, Ronny might have a vid of me messing up and trying to ride up the bank, but...) Ronny got a puncture later - which we begrudgingly decided to fix as there was no bike shop for good while. Still, good to try out tools and practise changing an inner tube.

GPX: View attachment Track_001.gpx

Ronny might have some more pics. (We are pretty crap with taking pics - but there was loads of nice stuff on this route - river crossings, great panoramas, little villages, etc.)

Doi Bo Viewpoint. Nice day for it - it's actually starting to get sunny at a reasonable time now in CR...


Ronny inspecting the most tricky slope. It keeps going on and up round the corner. A good track but I never get on well with this particular slope...

Great route Chris, hopefully Ronny puts up the Vid :lost

Count me in for the next one.
another really great ride , one of the best , pretty intense riding all the way , a lot of second gear climbs , a beautifull singletrack downhill , small rivercrossings , then arrived @ some deserted church wich i ve been one time 4 years ago but never got back , very isolated tracks . A nail in rear tire , lucky @ end of the ride along river 15k back to Ruammit , repared it with spare tube . Have a crappy vdo steep climb , will post later . Good riding with Chris leading , powered by good running KTM .
hard work changing tyre and vdo


Nice video, welcome to the club Chris :-) did any if you get pictures of the church ?

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Who said you guy's don't take pictures. :applause:
Nice video, welcome to the club Chris :-) did any if you get pictures of the church ?

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Ha - like that last bit at the end! It all went wrong, slow and wobbly when I had to duck round that stupid bamboo sticking right out in front of me near the start... I walked back down after and (attacked it) threw it out the way.
Ha - like that last bit at the end! It all went wrong, slow and wobbly when I had to duck round that stupid bamboo sticking right out in front of me near the start... I walked back down after and (attacked it) threw it out the way.
this is that same nasty downhill that I got a photo of Bob K. crashing on going towards Doi Bo, right?
You mean the one I carefully parked my bike between the trees Jim 😄

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Another great ride with Ronny today - he's got some pics. Went checking tracks to see what condition they're in - some bad bits have been repaired and some good bits have got worse after the rains. No problems though - apart from me tearing my pack up in the back wheel and loosing odd tools along the trail. Ride planned for next Tuesday - me, Bob and Ronny in so far.


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yes great ride , started again up doi boo , same but different , some pics

spot the trail



Have been getting out and doing some great riding the past month or so with CRS. Unfortunately some of our fellow riders have injuries and have missed out, at least for noow.
Here are some pics from the last three rides. Maybe CRS can post some of the tracks. Great riding here, if you have not already you CM guys really should try and get up here and ride sometime. Something for everyone



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Nice shots Jim, i'll be back soon...
GPX from last few rides with Jim...

View attachment Track_011.gpx
View attachment Track_013.gpx
View attachment Track_009.gpx

While everyone's been out-of-action last month or so, I've done loads of checking into CR-CM (mostly) off road routes. Just one bit north of the 109 I can't figure - it's like a maze - but the local Thai riders know a way so I'll just have to hang on for them to show me. Will do a run of at least most of a CR-CM route soon, I think.

Here's a part-finished map made from OCM - big and you'll have to zoom in to see the details. (Most of my exploring has gone up onto OSM already. When I get the route finished and have more pics and stuff, I'll make a seperate thread for it here, and include all gpx.)

Untitled-1 - Untitled-1.jpg - Minus (30 days limit free image upload.)
Yeah we need a new thread or re-title this one without the ? mark. Phil can you do that for us?
Yeah we need a new thread or re-title this one without the ? mark. Phil can you do that for us?

I'll email the moderators and get it changed - you are doing some AMAZING exploring up there, really interesting what you're doing and superb terrain.

crs chiang rai track.jpg
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