Chiang Rai Ride Reports


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Jun 16, 2014
BKK, Thailand
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Thanks to all the 'Northern boys' for making me feel welcome up there and especially to Bob for being such a good guide and sport.

Bob taking a rest last week...


A great few days riding in on some scenic trails.



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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Fang To Chiang Rai

There are several options to travel this route most are paved, here is an interesting option mainly dirt passing by Wawi and Huay Chompoo, takes around 3 hours or so and covers approx 110 km.

Screenshot 2016-02-15 13.39.23.jpg Screenshot 2016-02-15 13.47.58.jpg

The trail leaving Fang is pretty much double track with a sandy base, bit like riding on marbles due to the hard base layer.

thumb_2016-02-14 15.22.38_1024.jpg

thumb_2016-02-15 09.22.28_1024.jpg

Several very small villages along the way.

thumb_2016-02-15 09.56.19_1024.jpg


Mid way there is this small house standing alone with some unusual artwork.

thumb_2016-02-14 15.16.59_1024.jpg

Lot's of bamboo leaves along the way.

thumb_2016-02-15 09.35.18_1024.jpg

Terraced fields.

thumb_2016-02-15 09.37.30_1024.jpg

With the burning season getting underway visibility starting to reduce

thumb_2016-02-14 15.19.38_1024.jpg

I stopped to take a picture and noticed a very bedraggled teddy bear with almost no face, scooping it up before it vanished into the dust i carried it to the next village and handed it to it's new owner.

thumb_2016-02-15 09.57.37_1024.jpg

Reason for the air pollution.

thumb_2016-02-14 14.53.09_1024.jpg

thumb_2016-02-15 09.51.35_1024.jpg

Nice spot for camping next to a very clean looking river.


Arriving at the 3037 which has been just resurfaced then a short ride to meet the trail over to Huay Chompoo.

The ride over the top to Chiang Rai starts paved then soon onto a nice trail.

thumb_2016-02-14 11.11.26_1024.jpg

So many isolated villages up here.

thumb_2016-02-14 11.27.44_1024.jpg

One of the wider sections.



Almost end of the trail leading to Huay Chompoo, from there it's paved all the way down to Khun Korn Waterfall and then home.

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