Sunday Ride; Janda Baik Loop, KL


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Feb 18, 2011
GSA, NC700D, KLX450R
BMW was nice enough to allow me to test their F800GS ( Report to Come ) over the weekend.

Rode to Janda Baik with Pravin on his KTM 990 and Ariff on his KTM Prestige. Great weather, the morning temperature brought down by the night rain. Janda Baik, Merry Divorcee in English, is about 100kms from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, and sits 1500ft above sea level. There are many holiday houses there. My family has one that we all use to get away from the city heat occasionally.

0645 near my house, on my way to the RV point, Esso Jln Kuching.

Three bikes ready to go.

We stopped by BHP Gombak for a quick drink. Plenty of DPs, apparently DP roders usually start early.

Then onwards towards Genting Sempah

The light at the end of the tunnel shines ever so brightly

Ariv riding into the mist

Pravin joins in

The newly resurfaced road that leads to Kampong Sum Sum

Ariv, doing his 'river crossing'

The road to KG Sum Sum

We stopped here for breakfast

We rode on through the village to look for the river crossing site

River a little murky due to rain earlier.

Riding further into the Kampong

Found the road locked.....

We turned around....

We passed by my family holiday house

End of tarmac....

Pravin on a recce mission to find our way out.

Impossible to climb, worse if we have to come back the same way

Short rest before starting downhill.

Civilisation at last

At my family holiday house

After that we continued on to Genting Coffee Bean.....

Then we rode on to a little known trail to take the following pictures.

Ariv shooting pictures

Ariv, in contemplation....shall I get one.....?

The F800GS cuts a nice figure in the bush. This bike reminds me very much of the Yamaha Super Tenere XTZ750. I rode one for a few years sometime in 1990.

Time to ride home.



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Jun 28, 2011
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Nick those great photos remind me of my three weeks in Malaysia back in february, a fantastic holiday with stunning scenery, friendly people and boy do I miss the awesome food


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Feb 18, 2011
GSA, NC700D, KLX450R
KTMphil said:
Nick - after riding the F800 GS, would you consider swapping it for the 1200GS?
I bought the F800GS, used it for three months, is a much better bike on dirt than the 12 ( duh! ) BUT, because most of the roads in Malaysia are good, and the light dirt stuff is not much, I sold the 8 and bought the 12. The 8 is just as fast on the road ( with a lot of rider effort though ) comfortable enough on long cruise ( the 12 beats it by a fair margin here ) and more frugal than the 12. While the 12 is vibey at higher speeds, it is better than the 8 being buzzy.

And if its dirt I'd like to play on, then even the 8 is crap. 400cc is about the max size I want. But that's a different game altogether.
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