Day Ride to Hulu Kerling, Selangor


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Sep 23, 2015
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Last Saturday I went to Hulu Kerling campsite, located about 60km north of Kuala Lumpur where I have joined Dr. Izani, a well-known figure in adventure riding circles and 6 others whom are regular visitors to this track. This is a gated climbing track that leads to a campsite on the riverbank of Kerling River, about 500m above sea-level on the foothill of Gunung Semangkok.

We met at a local restaurant in Tanjung Malim around 8.30am and Dr. Izani and Phuii were already there.

Pawi arrived with his son later and we made a move towards Kampung Air Panas Kerling around 9.30am.

We started riding to Jalan Berlian Utama at 9.50am and the weather was foggy and dark with ambient temperature around 25°C.

Waypoint track to Ulu Kerling Campsite

N3.61452 E101.61051

We reduced our tires pressure just after the steel bridge.

The track was a mix of laterite soils, loose rocks and small portion of sandy sections with a constant slope of 2° to 3° climb right after the Kerling River water intake.

Heavy dual-purpose bikes like mine, will require a proper set of wheels to make the climb successful but on smaller and torquey enduro bikes, it should be a walk in a park, even during a rainy season. Another obstacle is a gate to prevent jungle poachers from entering this forest reserve, where we need to go around it through a small track in between the metal barrier and a ditch, pretty dangerous during wet condition.

As we progressed into the track, we encountered a section where the road had collapsed from the previous overnight rain.

All of us helped to level the road and we passed through it. At obstacle like this, going with much lighter bikes made me feel like a burden to the whole group and I would like to thank the team for the effort to help me passed through.

Dr. Izani pointing to a waterfall on the roadside

About 150m from the campsite, there are a few logs zigzagging the track and again we work in a team to let everyone through it. We made it to the campsite around 10.50am.

Ulu Kerling Campsite

GPS N3.67642, E101.67016

The Kerling River at the campsite remains clear despite the heavy overnight rain and its temperature is around 19°C. Around 12.10pm, Kamalul and Apik arrived at the campsite.

Dr. Izani's bike is complete with a small knife for difficult times

Dr. Izani said the river could be crossed during dry season and I decided to take a peak.

It was too deep to be crossed. Perhaps some other time

Getting down to the river itself was a challenge.. I rode backwards and lost my footings

Around 1.30pm we started to depart from the site and we rode through the same track towards Kampung Air Panas.

Kamalul on a Momos

Failed to cross a log and fell

I was descending cautiously and slow as my rear tyres slipped sideways 80% of the way throughout the track. We regrouped at the water intake gate waiting for Kamalul and Apik.

Later we said goodbye to each other and I arrived at Rawang around 3.30pm.

My advice to other riders contemplating to ride to Ulu Kerling is to maintain the cleanliness of the track and the site. Let’s work together to keep this so called port clean and enjoyable for the near future. I have witnessed many places turned into disgusting and filthy garbage dump when the incoming traffic increases. Bring back your garbage and leftover so we can inherit it for our future trips and generations.

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Aug 9, 2012
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Interesting trip, hard going on a bigger bike in places.
Good point about the rubbish, unfortunately the majority of people worldwide are too selfish, lazy and short sighted. It amazes me in my building that some people just dump their rubbish by the chute instead of sticking it through the flap!!!
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