Ride & Camp to Sungai Kelemin, Dungun


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Sep 23, 2015
1994 Honda Shadow 2013 KLE 650
It was a long break from rnc ride between monsoon season and my job transition but in the end all ends well as the weather clears and I get to continue to ride again. This is my first adventurous ride for this year and after a month long wait we finally had a proper ride to a campsite nicknamed Durian Belanja at Sungai Kelemin, Dungun. This is my second trip there as my local contact, En. Zaki has confirmed that the place is still worth the ride and he has also offered to prepare lunch for us.

Joining me in this ride from Perak are Cikgu Joe & Cikgu Jasni, from south are Bernard, Saini & Ross while from Klang valley are Ikhwan, Shahriman, Cusko, Jezz, Kak Shida, Mizi and Zadiq. This is the first trip with us for Shahriman and Mizi, although both are seasoned riders with vast experience riding on and off the road. Cusko, Ikhwan & Mizi will meet Shahriman and me at a stall in Gombak for breakfast while the rest will join us at second rendezvous point at Tol Paka.
It was around 7.45am on Saturday morning with ambient temperature around 24°C when I departed from Rawang with Shahriman. The weather was clear and we went through NKVE towards Gombak with smooth traffic along the highway and Route 54 and 28 heading to SM Teknik Gombak. We stopped to refill at Shell station before the exit to Jalan Sungai Pusu and when we arrived Cusco and Ikhwan were already there. Mizi arrived around 9 am and we immediately departed towards Route 68 Jalan Gombak heading to Genting Sempah.

The old road is quite famous to cyclist and we passed a few groups heading the same way and some were heading down towards Gombak. The road surface is in moderate condition and the weather was beautiful with canopy of tree keeping the route nicely shaded.

We continued towards Paka through East Cost Expressway from Genting Sempah and Cusco who have the smallest tank capacity among us has to stop at Temerloh to refill while we ride directly to R&R Gambang.
The weather was hot and humid but with beautiful cloud formation when we passed Sungai Pahang. There were a few spots of major road repairs but generally the highway surface was excellent. It was 11.10 am with ambient temperature around 34°C when we arrived at Petronas R&R Gambang to refill and have a quick rest. There was also a group of Harley & Davidson riders with their loud exhaust arriving minutes after us taking a break at the same station.

It took us another hour to arrive at Paka exit to find the rest including Ross and Saini whom had ridden all the way across the border from Singapore. However early starter Jezz and Kak Shida, whom departed since last night was still missing.

We’ve decided to proceed to Petronas al-Muktafi Billah without them. Cusco arrived slightly later as he took a detour around Jabor to refill before coming here. Zadiq also has arrived after spending a night at a resort in Kijal.

We had lunch at Zaki’s house around 2.00pm and we had rice with masak lemak daging salai, masak lemak ikan, pais ikan, kerabu pucuk paku and ulam with budu & tempoyak cili. The food was tasty & delicious and we packed some food for dinner.

Photo Credit to Fb Zeera Zaki

Photo Credit to Fb Zeera Zaki

Photo Credit to Fb Zeera Zaki

Photo Credit to Fb Zeera Zaki

Photo Credit to Fb Zeera Zaki

Photo Credit to Fb Zeera Zaki

Homestay Pasir Raja & Restoran Zeera Zaki
GPS: 4.564252, 102.979582

Jezz finally arrived after an hour with Kak Shida. Around 3.00pm, we’ve gathered for a group photo and departed towards the campsite.

The weather was clear & hot with ambient temperature around 32°C and I can report that there’s not much changes to the village since my last visit here.

We stopped at the trailhead to reduce our tyre pressures and secure our equipment.
Trailhead GPS: 4.71121, 103.02923

The road surface was made of compacted small and medium size pebbles with sand. All of us ride without much hassle towards Sungai Loh bridge.

However after the second river crossing, I found that Cikgu Jasni & Joe, Saini, Kak Shida and Jezz are still not in-sight, so I have double back looking for them. After a few minutes, I have found them so we proceeded to the campsite.

Second river crossing, the river was shallow with sandy bottom

The trail was relatively easier as compared to my first ride here with no mudholes, slippery section and we made it to the riverbank of Kelemin after an hour of offroad riding without any incident.

Photo Credit to Jezz

Photo Credit to Jezz

The last hurdle to the campsite was loose sand and rocky riverbank that most of the heavy dp bikes were struggling. Most of us fall down here but got back up with smiles.

Bernard run out of oxygen.. his bike run out of traction

50m to campsite.. last breath, fall again

Photo Credit to Jezz

Photo Credit to Saini

The team made it to the campsite around 4.30pm and we began to set up tents and hammock. Slightly larger built than me, first timer Mizi bought a new 4P tent for this trip and was quite contempt with his purchase. Double layer tent was highly recommended, which provides the best protection against the elements or you can opt to use hammock for the night.

Campsite Durian Belanja, Sungai Kelemin, Dungun GPS 4.78993, 103.03072

Photo Credit to Bernard Ling

Photo Credit to Bernard Ling

Photo Credit to Jezz

My token of appreciation & would like to congratulate Terengganu, because unlike other campsites at certain state in Malaysia, this place remains magnificent even after 3 years since my last visit.

The river is crystal clear and it is comparable to bottled mineral water level of clearness. We took time to swim and have fun in the river until sunset. Zadiq said one night here is insufficient and pledged to return for two nights.

Photo Credit to Zadiq

Photo Credit to Zadiq

Photo Credit to Bernard

Photo Credit to Zadiq

Photo Credit to Bernard
Bernard as usual was diligent to gather firewood, setting up a fire pit and dry leaves to set up fire.

Photo Credit to Bernard Ling

Photo Credit to Cikgu Joe
By nightfall, it was lit up and we have dinner of packed food by our tents.

Jemaah maghrib that night led by Cikgu Jasni

Around 10pm, I began to cook lamb slices brought by Jezz and we chatted on the riverbank. The temperature began to drop and by 11pm, we get into our tents to rest. I woke up around 4.30am to pee and the campsite was bright from moonlight.
The next morning, morning dew was engulfing the entire area and it was so thick, it can be seen by our eyes. After the morning prayer, I grab the mini tripod and began capturing the campsite sceneries. The jungle was still filled with chimes and rhymes from the surrounding fauna as the sun began to rise in between tree canopy.

The weather was perfect with morning ambient temperature around 22°C. We have instant noodle and instant naai lemak for breakfast. We jumped back into the river soon after breakfast and I dare to say that most of us just couldn’t move on from the river.

Photo Credit to Jezz

Photo Credit to Ross Vstrom

By 10am we began to pack our equipment and helped to clean the campsite. It is important to note, for sustainability we need to clean our campsite just like we would like to find it, including packing and bringing back our garbage.
Dirty campsites not just an eyesore but also potentially lead to disease outbreak.

Photo Credit to Jezz
We gathered for group photos before departing out of campsite around 10.30am.

Some of us fall again in loose sand and rocky area before getting back to the trail. With team effort and little bit of perseverance we clear the obstacle.

Getting out of the campsite seems easier for most of us and we clear the 11km offroad section under 45 minutes, despite spending some time to cross the rivers.

Photo Credit to Jezz

Photo Credit to Jezz

and Jezz dropped his stuff.. again

Photo Credit to Cusco

We have regrouped before moving towards Petronas al-Muktafi.

After petrol refill and some refreshment, we said goodbye to each other. Team Lion; Ross, Saini & Bernard will go towards ECE heading south, Team Perak with Zadiq & Cusco will head to Kuala Berang and the rest of us will take Route 14 towards Jabor and Kuantan Bypass.

It was scouring hot and we rode on the ‘old road’ through vast palm oil plantations passing Durian Mas and Neram. There were not many vehicles on the road and the ride back was smooth.

It was around 36°C when we stopped for lunch at Restoran Sedap Wehh near Taman Permatang Badak, Kuantan. Jezz and Kak Shida arrived slightly later to join us there.

We continued riding to Gambang and Jengka through Route 2, so we won’t be bored by highway’s straight lanes and hot weather. We also took turn to lead & trail the group to ensure everyone are not bored and sleepy during the ride back.
We made it to Masjid Karak just before Asar prayer and took our last rest. Our last leg through Karak Highway was also smooth although there are a bit of traffic pile up before Tol Gombak. I said goodbye to Ikhwan and Mizi to continue towards Rawang with Shahriman. We safely arrived home around 6.15pm.

It was yet another memorable trip filled with adrenaline and sweat. I enjoyed every moment of it and hope the rest would felt the same too. My final hope is for all of us to preserve our nature so we can get more places like this to enjoy and we could continue doing this in the long run.

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Awesome trip report, thank you for sharing your adventure.
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