Ride & Camp to Sungai Peretak, Selangor


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Sep 23, 2015
1994 Honda Shadow 2013 KLE 650

Our original plan for this month is to ride to a campsite called harimau berjemur, 170km southeast of Kuala Lumpur. However, hot & dry season that we enjoyed since February ended earlier than expected and it started to rain every day since April, late in the afternoon or at early night. This has made the ride to the campsite too adventurous for our group and I have decided to find an adventure trail more suited to the weather and expected difficulty level for our team.

Taking cues from fellow adv rider Rob Armstrong, I have decided to take the team to a trail started from Rawang traveling north towards Sungai Tengi. The sandy trail is relatively flat, going through a few active sand mines before cutting into palm oil plantation road and finishes at Sungai Tengi Dam. Later we planned to camp at a campsite along Sungai Peretak, a popular hiking route to Gunung Kutu, Lata Medang and Lata Makau.

From the original 18 people interested to participate to join the ride to harimau berjemur, the number decreases drastically when we changed the destination. The last list of participants reduced to 10 people on the ride day with 2 day-riders and 2 people coming down from Ipoh. However, this is expected as the eve of the ride was a rainy day with intermittent drizzle and downpour around Klang valley.

It was a cloudy Saturday morning with temperature around 22°C when I made a move from home around 8.40am. Rendezvous point for this ride is at Tol Rawang and when I arrived, Jimm, Hashim and Kasko were already on site. Ujang, the newest member of the team arrived about 5 minutes later. Riding a white Versys 650 on Metzeler Tourance Next tyres, his bike is equipped with full 3 aluminum boxes. Mizi arrived slightly passed 9 o’clock and both of them will not join us to camp at Peretak. However, Joe’s bike has battery and starter relay issue so he couldn’t join us for the morning session, both him and Cikgu Jasni will ride direct to Peretak from Seri Iskandar.

Photo Credit to Kasko

We made a move towards the trailhead around 9.15am through B27 with light traffic but busy with construction works. The upgrading work of this road has been long overdue and the increase of new housing areas has made the issue worsen especially during rainy days. We arrived at the trailhead 24 minutes later and started to reduce our tyre pressures.

Rawang – Sg Tengi Trail
Trailhead GPS N3.37171° E101.47348°

The trail started through a private road on tarmac and turned left into plantation road with sandy surface. The whole day rain yesterday has made the sand more compact and fun to ride and all of us rode swiftly towards a steel bridge.

Photo Credit to Kasko

Crossing a swollen Selangor River on an abandoned steel bridge seems really risky but all of us face no issue to cross. The rusty steel structures squeak and scream as it vibrate when our 200+ kg bikes taking turn passing through it but it holds relatively well under load.

We continued through palm oil plantation trail until we reached an opening. In this newly replanted area, the palm trees are still short and the trail surface changed from sand to soft red mud. We’ve struggled to pass this area as our tyres had very little traction and we took almost an hour to travel just 2km towards a gate that leads to a cattle farming area.

Photo Credit to Kasko

I slipped two times in this area as my front wheel went side way. On the other hands, first-timer Ujang excels despite riding on slick tyres and saved his pannier from scratches and dents. Jimm fell and his leg trapped under his exhaust but escape with no major damage or injury. Kasko’s light Y15 also struggle to get through as his front wheel dig deep in the soft mud. We work together in a team to ensure everyone safely passed through.

Photo Credit to Jimm

Kasko pulled a thriller here when he informed that we have to make a u-turn as his inspection found the gate was chained on padlock. Shit. That piece of news there almost made us dropped the whole ride. Upon further inspection, I found that the padlock can still be opened and we crossed the gate with no hassle and continued riding through a private kettle farm.

Passing through the herd, we need to ride through a couple of ruts and it was full water from the overnight rain. Jimm slipped and fell here.. lucky Kasko was behind him and helped him to his feet. The rest had no issue passing this section and we cleared the cattle farm.

The last section was back to sandy trail in between palm oil plantation and we rode along Sungai Selangor, again. The sandy trail was quite dusty and slippery during hot days but since it is raining the whole week, there were many pool of waters along the trail and we had fun splashing through it.

Photo Credit to Jimm

Photo Credit to Hashim

The last section of the trail is riding along North South Expressway on to Sungai Tengi Dam.

We passed through broken tarmac road of Sungai Kerandang with a lot of overflow mud from the road shoulder. Despite the raining days, the dam isn’t at its full capacity and we took a few minutes of rest here.

Photo Credit to Jimm

Since the main road from the dam to Felda Sungai Tengi Selatan was cut off due to a collapse bridge, we had to pass through Bukit Tagar estate to get to Bukit Tagar exit on North South Expressway E1. A quick registration at a security gate, we rode through the estate road leading to the toll. Despite it wasn’t a highway grade tarmac surface, the road was partly on tarmac and loose gravel but it was relief that we do not have to pass through another muddy trail.

Just after the estate, Mizi separated with us as he was heading to Kuala Selangor on another errands and we were heading towards Bukit Beruntung for lunch. Ujang followed us to the campsite but will not join for the night. We arrived at Sukhothai restaurant for lunch around 1pm. Meanwhile, Joe with Cikgu Jasni has already arrived the campsite.

After lunch, we continued towards Kuala Kubu Bharu through Bukit Sentosa and Rasa before making right turn to Jalan Ampang Pecah and Route 55. The road surface was excellent and it was cloudy with ambient temperature around 28°C. We arrived at Kampung Peretak around 2.30pm and started riding into the last leg of today’s adventure.

From the end of the tarmac road, we have to ride another 1.3km to the campsite passing one small creek and a section of big boulders - which is a little bit technical for DP bike. We paid RM1 'access fee' to orang asli as who maintained the site well-being.

It was quite a struggle for the team but everyone work together, including Joe who walk down to help us passing through this section.

Photo Credit to Joe

All of us were reunited at the campsite around 3.30pm and started to set up camp. For the first time, I have opted for hammock with flysheet while the rest setting up their tents. There a few other groups of campers on the site, which was a gated and private campground.

Photo Credit to Min

Sungai Peretak Campsite
RM5 per head
GPS N3.56901° E101.73921°

Ujang went back after a while and around 4.30pm, it started raining and we scrambled to find extra flysheet to cover our bamboo table and to become our designated common area. The river, which was crystal clear at first, started to become milky and kepala air started coming down shortly after. The water stays murky and high for about 5 hours after the rain.

Taking shelter from the rain. We'll need to buy a bigger flysheet than this
Photo Credit to Joe

That night the rain has eased but the temperature at the campsite remain low around 22°C and I struggled to lit campfire. We sat down around the fire enjoying dinner of instant noodle and packed food while recollecting our experiences throughout the day. Around 10.30pm, I called it a day and retreated to my hammock.

Temperature continues to drop that night and I was awakened of coldness and escaped it in the layers of my sleeping bag. By 6am, we were awake and after cup of hot coffee I started to snap pictures around the campsite.

After breakfast we hang out in the river, braving the cold water. Throng of people started to hike towards Gunung Kutu & the nearby waterfall.

Photo Credit to Hashim

Izadiq and Ikhwan came to the campsite about quarter past 9 and they’re both seems really delighted to clear the climbing section unscathed.

Photo Credit to Hashim

About 10.30am, we have finished packing and everyone were ready for a group photo.

Cikgu Jasni won a bid to buy Jimms's tent
Photo Credit to Kasko

We went down slowly as the ground was still wet from the overnight dew and the rocks were still slippery. Riding around big boulders, Hashim slipped and crimped between his bike and big rock beside him. The team rushed to free him, but I’m whom was riding behind him unable to join the rescue since I’m in the middle of an incline. He was helped to his feet and able to continue to ride down. Jimm escaped a drop as Joe was beside him when he lost balance during a tricky downhill and supported him.

The team cleared the hurdle and regrouped at the main junction. Joe, Jim & Hashim parted way with the rest since they were heading back to KKB when we wanted to have lunch at Fraser Hill. We rode on Route 55 towards Jalan Gap and there were very little traffic on that route.

However when we were about halfway through Jalan Gap, we were caught in trafiic heading up. It was later reduced to a standstill just before the roundabout and the decision to have lunch there proven to be a mistake. There was a police blockade to make way for an event attended by Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. We have to wait as we can’t move the bike and forced to have lunch by the roadside on a nearby row of stall, erected on a parking lot for the event.

Photo Credit to Kasko

Photo Credit to Kasko

Photo Credit to Kasko

It wasn’t until after an hour later, they let us through and we went directly down towards Raub. The road surface in this section is the best among all of my previous passes here so we have a good hip workout navigating numbers of s-corner and bends. Even Zadiq’s GS Dakar with massive front wheels didn’t missed a beat and swept through bends like a fish running through a creek.

Kasko was the last one to start because his bike fall prior to the restart but he is the first one to arrive at the final junction in Tranum. Cikgu Jasni and Ikhwan kept a close tail on me and here I really appreciate the decision to change my rear tyre prior to the ride. Later we said goodbye to Cikgu Jasni whom will continue to Sungai Koyan and on to Tapah. We rode back towards Bentong and I arrived home around 4pm.

Despite a raining week and it rain almost all day on the ride eve, we really have fun and an adventurous weekend. Most of the riders thought the rest of the journey to Peretak campsite after lunch will be a smooth ride.. until the last 30 meters, after a river crossing, Jimms almost fainted and shaking whole body. What a surprise...its like having a surprise birthday party!! That's why in our group, it is not the bike that matters but it is the rider's physical and mental strength.
I hope the team enjoyed it and continue to join ride and camp monthly trips after a short break during this year’s Ramadhan.

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