Ride & Camp to Pos Lemoi, Cameron Highland


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Sep 23, 2015
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Pos Lemoi is situated about 8km north of Pos Titom, on the ridges of Titiwangsa range in Peninsular Malaysia. The village complex has three villages, Lemoi, Telimau & Chenan Cherah with around 300 people. It can be accessed through an upgraded offroad trail from Federal Route 102 about 8km from Ringlet.

The concrete based trail leading to Pos Lemoi that cost RM 14 million has shorten the travel time from three hours to 1.5hours with a few very steep climb and descend. Pos Lemoi’s primary school, SK Lemoi is a Band 4 school, which is a remarkable feat considering 60% of orang asli schools are rated between Band 5 to 7 under School Improvement Program (SIP).

The cool and refreshing water with low ambient temperature has brought me back to this area after the ride to Pos Titom last month.

Joining me in this ride is Hashim from Banting, a vivid reader of this blog since a year ago and Cikgu Joe whom was riding all the way from Langkawi. Hashim and I will meet at R&R Rawang that Saturday morning and will be joined by Cikgu Joe at Gerai Nasi Campur Mat Desa at Tapah. The plan is to ride into Pos Lemoi slightly after lunch, camp by a nearby river and take off the following morning.

It was a clear and hot morning with ambient temperature around 28°C when I took off from home that Saturday morning. I met Hashim waiting behind Starbuck and we took off around 9.30am.

The highway leading to north was clear with normal traffic and the road surface was fantastic. We arrived at Tapah around 10.50am after a quick toilet break at Tanjung Malim and Cikgu Joe and his wife were already there.

We took off around 11.30am after a light lunch, heading to Ringlet through Federal Route 59 Jalan Pahang.

There were a little bit of traffic heading to the same direction but traffic was smooth and no major road repair was on scene that afternoon.

Temperature began to drop to 24°C as we ascend to 1108m above sea level at Ringlet as the weather was cloudy.

We stopped at Shell to refill before heading to our waypoint on Federal Route 102 heading to Sungai Koyan.

Waypoint Pos Lemoi GPS 4.40773, 101.44695

We’ve arrived at waypoint around 1.00pm and reduced our tire pressure. This is the first time Hashim is doing offroad on his versys so I gave him some pointers to handle the incoming terrain. The first 5km into the trail, the roadside terrain are filled with vegetable farming and the organic fertilizer smell filled the atmosphere.

We have a few onlookers as we passed their area and we nodded back, as sign of respect. The trail are made of concrete with many sharp bends.

The next 5km we started to have a lot of climb and descend sections but the trail are concrete surface with some of the areas having worse than average condition.

There are also a lot of water crossing zigzagging the trail and Cikgu Joe road tires started to slip.

He slipped his rear tire and took two falls. Hashim and I were ahead of him when this happened. I stopped to make a u-turn to help but he managed to get back on his bike by himself.

Photo Credit to Cikgu Joe

We took a rest at one of the peak and passed two 4wd vehicles on a recce trip.

Later we were informed that they are planning to organize an event for 200 people from 4wd group at Pos Lemoi in September.

The last 5km into the track we started to descent and by this time the concrete surface trail is in very bad condition. There are a few sections, has only two tracks of concrete laid by the villagers themselves to help vehicle tackling the descent.

The last and most difficult of all is the track descending the spot called Bukit Batu. About 200m up to 30% descend with loose rock and damaged tracks. However all of us managed to ride through without a single drop.

The weather are cloudy and relatively darker than normal but no rain.

The last section into Pos Lemoi, the concrete trail improved and riding this section was smooth. About 4km into Pos Lemoi, we bumped with a local teacher on his way to Tapah.

He was surprised to see us as this is the first time he said he saw a dual-purpose bike made their way into Pos Lemoi.

I am in the process of taking this picture and I forgot to engage a gear while stopping..

..and this is the result

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

We arrived at Pos Lemoi around 2.45pm

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

The school complex is considerably big and modern complete with teacher quarters. There is a mini-hydro project undertaken by UTM at a small stream in-front of the school.

We finally met with Tok Batin Zainal at his house and he has 8 children with one wife.

Picture Credit to Hashim

We chatted with him for a while and signed the guest book.

He had echoed what the teacher said earlier about being the first dual-purpose bike group making our way into Pos Lemoi.

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

Later we passed our condiments and I passed donated head-scarf to Tok Batin Zainal and the village children.

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

Picture Credit to Cikgu Joe

We asked his permission to camp by the bridge and by 4pm, we began setting up our tent by Lemoi River.

Campsite Lemoi

GPS 4.35662, 101.51893

Picture Credit to Hashim

Picture Credit to Hashim

Tok Batin Zainal came to chat around 5.30pm and he told Hashim to light up campfire as there are wild animals such as leopard and cheetah in the surrounding jungle. As we began to dip in the icy cold river, he continued chatting with Hashim.

The river water was icy cold, crystal clear and fresh when we bathed and by 6pm the ambient temperature began to drop to 19°C and it was cold.

I began to prepare dinner and the menu tonight is marinated beef slice grill and vegetable soup with white rice. We ate dinner around 6.30pm and sunset was around 7.28pm.

We continued chatting by the campfire and the sky was clear that night.

Around 9pm, Cikgu Joe began to fry hotdog and prepare instant noodle with coffee.

We retrieved to our tent around 10.30pm and the ambient temperature was around 18°C and continue to drop.

I slept soundly in a sleeping bag and was awaken around 6.15am. It was a very cold morning around 15°C and everyone else woke up shortly after.

It was Hashim’s turn to prepare breakfast and we have instant noodle and bread with coffee.

Sunrise over Pos Lemoi

our campsite

Cikgu Joe needed to catch the last ferry into Langkawi and we have agreed to make an early exit and by 8.30am, we departed from the campsite.

The morning was clear and there are a lot of morning dew on the trail. We began ascending Bukit Batu slowly and Cikgu Joe was struggling with his road tires.

Hashim came to the rescue and both of them pushed the bike on foot to the top of Bukit Batu. Later it was Hashim’s turn to ascend and at the middle of the section, he lost his footing and dropped to the side and broke his handguard in the process.

Photo Credit to Cikgu Joe

We took time and catch a break before helping him to his bike to finish the section. We helped him to reach the peak of Bukit Batu.

The remaining journey was smooth and we arrived at the waypoint around 10.20am.

We continued to Shell Ringlet and refill our tire pressure there.

We headed to Tanah Rata for lunch and the ambient temperature was around 24°C.

After lunch we descend to Ringlet and later to Tapah through the same route we took yesterday.

We said goodbye to Cikgu Joe at Tapah Exit, and continued to Klang Valley around 12.15pm.

The traffic heading to city center was light and the weather was very hot. We made another stop at Tapah R&R for petrol and later stopped at Rawang. I said goodbye to Hashim here and made it safely home around 2pm after a quick motor wash.

The ride to Pos Lemoi was smooth despite a few falls along the way and the trail condition was exactly as I have expected. This place deserve more attention from rider communities and when I learnt from Tok Batin that we are the first group of dual-purpose riders to camp here, I am awed. I hope more riders will make more trips into this area and bring the gap between this areas to outside community closer. In the process, keep the campsite clean and bring souvenirs and activities to the local people.

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That looked a fun trip, I have happy memories of riding through the Cameron Highlands but did not venture off road where you went to
You should when the next time you passed thru here.. it is much better than sleeping in overpriced hotel imho..
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