My Temple in Northern Thailand

That's a serious piece of work. Thanks for sharing, mate.
I was at this Temple again today and noted that hand rails are currently being installed,
probably eventually down the centre as well.


This will give viewers an idea of what is planned for that dome housing Buddha's footprints.
Like I said, about 2 more years of work.
I believe the sign is asking for donations; funds raised so far total around 120 million baht!
I was at the Temple today, just to check on progress.

The spire on the dome housing Buddha's footprint is now 'golden' and it seems a balcony is being built around the dome.


The gap between the stairway and the Big Buddha is now almost complete.


Work continues on what will become the site of a Reclining Buddha.


It's worth a visit and a stroll around.
The coffee shop is open.
I had a look at progress at the Doi Saket Temple constructions yesterday; slowly but surely being done.

The entrance to the steps up to the big golden Buddha and lookout.
These figures, which were supposed to be a lion/elephant blend did not please the Abbott so they are being destroyed and something new will replace them.



The huge dome housing Buddha's footprint, in place, is still being worked on.


It seems that future plans at this Temple include whatever tourism has to offer.
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