9 temples in 43.5 km 3h10min


Jul 16, 2018
Chiang Rai
KLX250 Yamaha XJ650
So yesterday I made another trip on the KLX to visit some temples in the area.
The closest is just 1000 m (as a crow fly) from our house so that was a good start.


So here are some photos from Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai.

Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai-1.JPG
Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai-2.JPG
Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai-3.JPG

Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai-4.JPG
Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai-5.JPG
Wat Khao Kaeo Dap Pai-6.JPG

Next temple is not far away but up towards the mountains. A very beautiful area.

Wat Phra That San Ko-4.JPG

Wat Phra That San Ko-1.JPG
Wat Phra That San Ko-2.JPG
Wat Phra That San Ko-3.JPG

A couple of dogs liked to have a visitor . . .

Next temple is the main one in Hua Doi named Wat Si Suphan.

Wat Si Suphan-1.JPG
Wat Si Suphan-2.JPG
Wat Si Suphan-3.JPG
Wat Si Suphan-4.JPG

There is another one in Hua Doi that looks like it is abandoned. But that one is very beautiful and very special. Especially the Buddha inside.

Wat Pa Hua Doi-1.JPG
Wat Pa Hua Doi-2.JPG
Wat Pa Hua Doi-3.JPG
Wat Pa Hua Doi-4.JPG

The next one is not far away, just crossing the highway. Name is Wat Pa Tham Pratheep.
It is not that big or very special but still special in its own way.

Wat Pa Tham Pratheep-1.JPG
Wat Pa Tham Pratheep-2.JPG

From that place to the next temple is a very beautiful ride. Almost no buildings, some very big ponds, some forest and some pineapple fields. Sorry no pic of that . . Next time . ..

But now we came to the "Blue Temple"! No, it is not the more famous inside Chiang Rai city. This is another one that in the last couple of years has been repainted and fixed up.
Name is Wat Chai Charoen.

Wat Chai Charoen-1.JPG
Wat Chai Charoen-2.JPG
Wat Chai Charoen-3.JPG
Wat Chai Charoen-4.JPG

On we go and we come to Wat Rat Chumchon.
Wat Rat Chumchon-1.JPG
Wat Rat Chumchon-2.JPG

Wat Rat Chumchon-3.JPG

Going east on hw 1173 we come to Wat Chai Narai.
They have been maintaining this temple and replaced the roof. Nice place.

Wat Chai Narai-1.JPG
Wat Chai Narai-2.JPG
Wat Chai Narai-3.JPG
Wat Chai Narai-4.JPG

A lot of donated small Buddhas, some still with plastic cover.

The rain was coming so I just took one more. This is Wat Klang Wiang.

Wat Klang Wiang-2.JPG
Wat Klang Wiang-1.JPG
Wat Klang Wiang-3.JPG
Wat Klang Wiang-4.JPG
Wat Klang Wiang-5.JPG

I just came home when the rain started.

Another good ride visiting some special temples.


Jul 16, 2018
Chiang Rai
KLX250 Yamaha XJ650
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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Ha, you beat me to the punch posting up the new blue temple, nice pictures Mr Sven.
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