KLX 150 With Small Wheels Discontinued


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Jun 28, 2011
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I was at Kawasaki yesterday and noticed they had no new bikes in with the smaller wheels, I asked why and was told only the 21"/18" models are being made now.

This is annoying as its a lot taller
Today I called in and saw a new bike with small wheels, when I said they told me on Saturday it had been discontinued a quick bit of face saving thinking went on and the reply was.
I told you that the one the same as yours has finished, the new small wheel model has a different exhaust and some slight cosmetic changes.
Problem solved then, I can still buy the small wheels model
Yes, the smaller 19"/16" wheeled version is still available, Chiang Rai has a black one in stock, selling at 79.000 baht and a 3.000 baht discount!! :LOL:
By the way, seat height is stated to be 825mm!
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