klx150bf front usd forks.


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Apr 28, 2016
Ok went for my first ride and noticed it would bottom out easily on the front, so after coming home i decided to put some heavier oil in the forks, i drained the oil and measered what came out and put the same back in. Easy right, WRONG, the right shock is as soft as in fact i have to pull it back up the left shock is ok, question are both these shocks the same all i did was drain the oil i have done a thousand over the years my son races motocross and I've been doing his for the last 15 years, the only thing that I can think of is they are different, the right one feels like it hasn't got a spring in it, HELP PLEASE....😥😥😥
Most likely has only the one spring as you say, same as the CRF 250 L
Yeah I'm pretty sure one is compression and the other is rebound the new motocross bikes are like that just didn't think this bike would be like that.
Yeah put it all back together and all is good the right side is rebound and the left side is compression 😊😊😊
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