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May 6, 2013
Red China
We got a Kawasaki KLX150 "backyard & outback basher" family bike (November 2015), great little thumper bike with front 19" front / 16" rear wheels.
The KLX150 is easily legally to register here in China (import bike) as absolute no need from my side for dodgy illegal bikes and fake documents.

The KLX150 is quite popular in South East Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, etc. = http://www.kawasaki.co.th/ninja/index.php?area=1&p=static&page=klx150

Back in Australia, some different KLX150 version available through the Aussie Kawasaki dealer network = http://www.kawasaki.com.au/motorcycles/offroad/2015-klx150bf

Special parts have arrived or will shortly and once bike registration / licensing has been completed the extensive never-ending modifications shall continue as usual with TBR motorbikes.....
So far we only used a bunch of stickers, Barkbusters hand guard kit = http://www.barkbusters.net we had stashed in the TBR workshop from some previous bike projects ands a solid alloy bashplate from B+B Offroad Australia = https://bboffroad.com.au

Kawasaki KLX150 had the legal rego process completed and more modifications started right afterwards, done by our son...

ProTaper 7/8" KLX-High Bars swapped out, much better seating position compared to the narrow lower stock steel bars, ProTaper = http://www.protaper.com
ProTaper http://www.protaper.com grips available from the TBR parts stock were added in the process.
The Barkbusters (single point mount) did not help much and swapped them out for a set of Lycra Racing Guards = http://cycraracing.com
DRC Rear Fender Eliminator (incl. bright LED rear light) removes the long plastic rear fender set up, changes the look very nicely, DRC = http://www.drcproducts.com
Carbon Frame Guards = http://www.zeta-racing.com
DRC Shift Lever with foldable tip = http://www.drcproducts.com

Nice photo's Butch.

I've ordered the KLX 150 "BF". they are pussting 220cc big bore head on it when it arrives & a Honda Carb. We'll then see how long it runs for before it blows up.
I've ordered the KLX 150 "BF". they are pussting 220cc big bore head on it when it arrives & a Honda Carb. We'll then see how long it runs for before it blows up.

Well ~ its a play bike for sure, not a long distance tourer but works great as a very sturdy, solid and reliable bike. Somehow don't see the need for a big bore kit as rather have a working long lasting reliable bike, opinions are like....

Buy once ~ cry once as we looked at the MIC = Made In China bikes on offer here in China in the same displacement category, absolute no comparison on build quality, the KLX150 is miles ahead as they are assembled / build in Thailand and Indonesia.
Believe it or not but parts are easier to obtain from overseas for the KLX150 (import) compared to MIC = Made In China bikes, two mates with MIC 125cc machines (MX parts bin special bikes by the look of them) going through parts sourcing and supply nightmares right now in the motherland called China ~ nuff' said...

As some know, I am into Honda Z50 "Monkey Bikes" as well and the KLX150 makes a great and wonderful addition for more serious off-roading and a fun filled afternoon with a legally China registered bike ~ no dodgy engines and documents.
As we speak, got a Z50 Supermoto build in progress as well = http://www.rideasia.net/motorcycle-forum/vintage-motorcycles/4876-tbr-z50jz-supermoto.html

Stay tuned, more special parts on standby but we got no time to work on the bike right now ~ CNY public holidays are just around the corner....
I've ordered the rear Ohlin here in Thailand - 9,000 Bht ish, bargain. If you find a front suspension solution let me know.
I've ordered the rear Ohlin here in Thailand - 9,000 Bht ish, bargain. If you find a front suspension solution let me know.

Got a a few Ohlins shocks and other KLX150 parts out of Thailand, easy as....

Actually we are all surprised how good the bike performs including the stock Kawasaki KLX150 (19" front wheel / 16" rear wheel) suspension works (rear shock / front fork), had mates up to 120kg abusing the bike off-road but can't keep my fingers from them bikes and a Ohlins shock had to be installed, son is pretty happy about the upgrade of course....
DRC = http://www.drcproducts.com makes a set of progressive springs (parts number #D35-01-113) and had a set in my parts order but won't fit with the forks as different length, they most probably work with the KLX150 D-Tracker forks (USD Forks) but no idea about the "BF" USD forks.

More KLX150 upgrades to come ~ stay tuned....
KLX150 "Backyard Basher" maintenance ~ easy working...


Test fitted 2" Rox-Risers, we did not like any of the various positions with the handlebars (ProTaper KLX High) and took them of right away, forgot to take pics while they were on the bike...

Seriously fried the KLX150 "Backyard Basher" clutch while riding in deep wet sand...
All fixed now with new parts and modifications like drilling the clutch basket for better lubrication and installing Honda clutch plates (wider / thicker) and Kawasaki KX85 clutch springs (stiffer) ~ clutch feels great and ready to roll again....

Have you modified the front forks with stronger springs or still stock?
The front forks is the only issue left with this bike. KX80 forks work we're told.
Have you modified the front forks with stronger springs or still stock?
Installed a set of "stiffer" progressive fork springs I got from a contact over in Japan last year. After serious "KLX150 Backyard Basher" trashing and abuse, we feel no real need to change forks further, even full size adults (incl. overweight huge mates) use the bike frequently on our private Enduro / BMX track and the KLX performs as expected. Well ~ the deep wet sand was a real clutch killer but looking at the KLX150 clutch plates, they are rather tiny and small in size as expected. Hope the stiffer KX85 clutch springs and thicker slightly wider Honda clutch plates will perform well in the Kawasaki...

On another note, somewhere as currently misplaced among all the ongoing vehicle projects and extensive TBR team parts inventory at hand, I have a neat set of special custom fork pre-load adjusters out of Japan (similar to the ones pictured I use for my Honda Z50JZ "Monkey Bike" custom builds) and once they are found again will install them of course ~ stay tuned.....


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Nope, had them as well or better ~ still have them, they did not fit, as mention, got some special fork springs through a contact in Japan with some other bike parts I had on order...
Sorry ~ no pics available of the springs installed at this stage but they just look like fork springs (progressive)....

Kawasaki Chiang Mai, say they now have an economical option for beefing up the front suspension on the KLX 150, They are doing mine, I will report on the modification when done.
That's good to hear Phil, can they do this work on bikes with 21" and 19" front wheels?
Got the Kawasaki KLX 150 BF back with front suspension modifications.

They have somehow given the front suspension a longer stoke (its higher at the front now) & changed the suspension valving.

They are going to send me some photo's to show the mods.

4,500 Baht all in, not sure what weight oil is in the front forks now.

image by Triangle Golden 007, on Flickr
Just got it back, havnt ridden it yet. Compressed the front pretty hard seems better, we shall see.
Hi there, i know this is an older post, but i also have a klx 150 BF and very interested in your fork mod. Mine has the USD fork which was very soft and bottoms out easily with hard riding and my 90kg. I have had them modified to accept a 2nd spring increasing overall spring rate, but they still have only 170mm travel, not enough for big bumps or even small jumps. Of course it is pushing the bike beyond what it was designed for i know, but if i could fix the forks it would be perfect bike for me.
Cheers mick
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