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Jun 28, 2011
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I recently read on some Mickey Mouse forum that the new KLX 150 with the larger 21/18'' wheels is now in the Kawasaki Chiang Mai showroom and the seat height on the new model is about 1'' higher.

If anyone is in there any chance of some photos on here please plus also I would like to know how much lower the seat height is when on it compared to the KLX 250
Kawasaki Thailand has the KLX 150 L seat height at 835 mm and the KLX 250 at 890 mm. 55 mm equals 2.16 inches lower.
835mm is the current seat height for the model with the 19"/16" wheels, according to the website of Kawa Thailand?
If the only change is the bigger wheels, my best bet is a seat height of 860mm.....
Guess someone in CM can have a look at the Kawa dealer there?
I do believe there is no such thing as right or wrong Fantic.
The little KLX with 19/16" wheels is a bit taller but still a toy. Can't see two foreigners fit on it! And the 144cc engine is air cooled, has a SOHC and only 2 valves.
I wonder what happened to real size small engined enduros like the XR125L; they sell it in some countries like Australia, where it is "ideal for following slow moving cattle".
I remember about 13 years ago tooling around with a friend on a MTX125, a full-size two stroke 125. We both fit on the big seat and it had enough power for the city.
A 17" rim CRF150L or M using the CBR150 engine for 85K or so would be quite an interesting bike, good enough for one-up and very economic.
But maybe still too big for the Asians.
Thump, Colin's question was about the difference between the original KLX150 with a 19"/16" wheel set and the upgraded new version with a 21"/18'' wheel set?!
Google translate: digressed > Dutch.....aah

No worries, digressing is nice but lets try to answer Colin's primarily.

A CRF150L/M would be a great idea for the Asian market!
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