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Jun 29, 2012
We have now migrated to the Xenforo forum software suite as opposed to the outdated V Bulletin, many of the ways we used to post remain almost the same but more simplified, below is a simple list of basic post making and the adding of videos & images.

Xenforo is a powerful tool and with a little practice everyone can come to enjoy it's features on the forums.

Please feel free to test post content, we can always delete them for you later.



Video can be added by opening a new post or replying to another, simply open YouTube, right click on the desired video scroll down to copy video URL and paste it where you would like it in the post.


Go to the video you wish to post look for the share arrow towards the top right of the image, click share and copy the text in the Link dialog box and again paste it where you wish in the post.

Facebook video's and Pictures

Go to your image on Facebook, right-click and scroll down to copy image, go to the menu bar at the top of your post window and click on the toggle button that looks like a mountain

Screenshot 2018-06-01 09.50.49.png

(next to smiley face) open it and paste the URL, then click Insert.

Facebook video can be inserted in a similar way, go to the selected video, right click you can either click show video URL which will open a small dialog box.

Copy the URL and paste in your post, or you can right-click and scroll down to copy video URL at the current time, click and paste the URL to your post, either way, gives the same result.

When a facebook url has been pasted and the bbCode has been automatically inserted, THERE IS NOT A PREVIEW OPTION FOR THE VIDEO. By publishing the post, the FaceBook video embed will show as expected.


Images can be copied as described above, you may also simply drag and drop them from your desktop or folder individually to your post.

You can add multiple pictures by clicking the attach files toggle below the text window panel.

Screenshot 2018-06-01 09.51.13.png

Upload the desired images on your computer (you can also drag and drop them in this way) and they will upload displaying small thumbnails below. Ensure to click the FULL IMAGE, (SEE NOTE BELOW) tab at the top of the images and your pictures will go directly to your post, space your pictures to your liking to add text etc.


You are able to upload many images and click Insert All and they will be inserted in one block. Please ensure you understand, that the order you upload the images, will determine the order inserted in this case.

Images can be deleted as required from the thumbnail list as required.

All images within a single post will be displayed in a slideshow if you click on one image.


Images from Flickr, the principle is as before with V Bulletin open your image and click share, copy the bb code ( we suggest using image size 1024 x 576 or smaller) and paste the link directly into your post.


You can upload up to 30 images at a time, Images of 1024 x 1024px and up to 4MB.

Images larger than these dimensions will not be loaded and will need to be resized, we would suggest using a photo editor such as Photoshop or go to sites such as:

Web Resizer - Crop & Resize Images Free Online - Optimize images for websites and email

Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos, images, or pictures online for FREE!

Online Image Resizer - Crop, Resize & Compress Images, Photos and Pictures for FREE

Saving Draft Posts

One of the main grips with V Bulletin was losing your post midway through.

Xenforo not only autosaves your post but you can also save a draft of your post to complete later, by just clicking the Floppy Disc Image in the post toggle bar far right.

Screenshot 2018-06-01 09.51.02.png

Should you log out, when you next log in and go to post a thread your last draft post will appear for you, you may also delete it at this time if you wish.

GPX Files

To add a GPX map file, click the attach files toggle below the text window and select your file, the maximum file size in 4MB, publish your post and the file with show as an icon allowing it to be viewed. Or simply drag and drop the file into the post.

Xenforo automatically inserts a button into the post and assigns a zoom level of 10.

There is not a preview option for the map display, the button only appears after the post has been published

Please note, when the map opens, it will be in a full browser size window (not just the space within a post) and to click the browser back button.

Forum Styles

Currently, the forum has two styles which can be changed from a standard white background to dark blue theme. Please click on the style chooser icon at the bottom of the main page and select which one you prefer. Member profile preferences will remember your last choice for subsequent visits.

Screenshot 2018-06-01 09.52.59.png

Welcome to the new format and style of Ride Asia Motorcycle Forums, we hope you like the changes.
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How to set reading preferences so the latest post shows first?
How to set reading preferences so the latest post shows first?

It's not simple. The facility can not be selected by each user but can be set for each forum.

I have this evening turned on this facility for many, lets see what people think.
A few gremlins to be sorted yet, of which Ally is aware.

eg In my trip reports I'm seeing the latest comments appear first, before my actual report as in this little ride,


Anyone else having this issue?
Hi Ron, as you will see from the previous 2 posts in this thread, this 'issue' as you refer to it, is the subject of discussion here.

Would you please cast your vote in the poll at the head of this thread.

No edit button to edit your post after you posted it?

No edit button to edit your post after you posted it?
Thanks - I am posting a screenshot here of a registered user post which shows an edit option.

Can you please confirm that you do not see the same option when you are logged in.

Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 15.57.50.png
All good Ally

My mistake just getting used to the new layout ok.
Where should I have received an answer?
Most posts still read old to new as far as I can see?
Screen Shot 2561-06-15 at 22.27.02.png

This poll in the head of the thread has remained static for some time now. The response was clear, "recent reply last".
I was the only one to vote new post first as a preference maybe we should put up a separate thread on this one.
New button called "jump to new" works for me, thank you admins!!
But this "jump to new" button does not show up in all threads??
Thanks Ally, is there a setting so I can watch all threads or do I have to open them and click watch first?
Thanks Ally, is there a setting so I can watch all threads or do I have to open them and click watch first?
A simpler way is to click a forum eg: Thailand Ride Reports then click Watch at top right
But you will get a ton of emails to tell you there are new posts when new posts occur.

Bearing in mind the volume of post on a daily basis your pursuit for a jump to last post may seem to some as lazy but i do understand you ideally wish for a sort order preference per user. That is not available.

Can i suggest you accept it as it is, until the software gets an update at some stage, when hopefully that functionality will be included.

For now, there is as previously explained, a last post order (last post first or last) is available per forum but that is set globally for all users not just you.

As you well know, the poll votes do not echo your preference and the majority of a huge audience of 8 (as of now) have cast their vote.

If only the near 2,000 members expressed their voice, then perhaps we would all know what the real majority desire.
1) If you select a thread to 'watch" a small window appears where you can select if you want to receive notifications by e-mail or not, I select not.
2) I am not looking to challenge the new to old/old to new poll vote, I was merely asking about the jump to new button and how it sometimes appears in one thread and not in another thread?!
I'm not using any jump to button.
I just click whats new - new posts then click on the thread title & it takes me to the new post
It only seems to happen with Bobs posts (& it just may be ones he has edited?) but on some of them, I can't see links.

I've gone through my setting & ppreferences - all good.

I'm using Firefox version 61.0


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The clip was from Neil's Facebook page, initially, it was viewable by friends only until he changed it. I would suggest the issue is at your end Pounce unless others are having the same problem, do you have another example?
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