Sayabouri To Paklay (Dirt) to Vientiane


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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After a good nights sleep we set of on what was to be a nice easy ride through the park and hopefully see a few working elephants along the route, but plans changed.

Screenshot 2015-11-26 13.01.04 by bsacbob, on Flickr

421 km

Screenshot 2015-11-26 13.03.24 by bsacbob, on Flickr

After grabbing some fuel and getting insurance in town ( N19.26183 E101.70674 ) due to the fact the insurance offices on the crossing had closed we had a late start but the morning mist was already clearing.

Sayabouri to VTE Via Paklay by bsacbob, on Flickr

Still lot's of most sections, this one had Steve rolling in the bamboo.

2015-11-12 09.03.06 by bsacbob, on Flickr

2015-11-12 08.43.11 by bsacbob, on Flickr

We hoped this wasn't the same for the whole day otherwise it was going to be a long one.

2015-11-12 08.43.19 by bsacbob, on Flickr

We had been told the trail was impassable two days before, luckily the tree's had been cleared didn't fancy hacking through this one.

2015-11-12 08.51.06 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Not much improvement.

2015-11-12 09.02.11 by bsacbob, on Flickr

2015-11-12 09.04.20 by bsacbob, on Flickr

A good part of this trail is almost single track with some pretty difficult rocky sections to come.

2015-11-12 09.23.51 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Steve on his 300 conversion enjoying the ride.

2015-11-12 09.23.56 by bsacbob, on Flickr

The slipping and sliding continued.

2015-11-12 09.51.41 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Gate access near the army camp.

2015-11-12 10.31.43 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Steve emerging from one of the more difficult sections the 300 with the Ohlins setup eating it up.

2015-11-12 10.56.28 by bsacbob, on Flickr

A wrong turn had us poking around in a village.

2015-11-12 12.18.59 by bsacbob, on Flickr

We arrived in Paklay around noon to consider our options over liquids at the Saykong Restaurant.

2015-11-12 12.48.06 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Our intended GH directly opposite.

2015-11-12 13.23.16 by bsacbob, on Flickr

We both agreed to push on, Steve was on a tight deadline to leave for the UK and both felt we could reach VTE and catch back a day.

The Paklay ferry

2015-11-12 13.41.56 by bsacbob, on Flickr

New bridge slowly coming in shape, spelling the end of another nice ferry crossing.

2015-11-12 13.56.32 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Around 5.30pm we arrived in VTE to meet up with Don Duvall and Sergio who had booked rooms ahead hoping we would make it, an enjoyable day the stretch along the Mekong is still pretty good graded surface and nice river views along the way. A night of food and drink at the Bor Pen Nyang was in order, tommorrow Long Cheng and a different route.

2015-11-13 08.22.13 by bsacbob, on Flickr

Location N17.96504 E102.60424
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