Ride and Camp in Pantai Seri Tujuh, Tumpat Kelantan


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Sep 23, 2015
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Pantai Seri Tujuh is the outmost north public beach in Peninsular Malaysia. Bordering town of Tak Bai in Thailand, the beach is very famous and a regular hanging out spot for local and foreign tourists enjoying the sea breeze and beach views. It is named Pantai Seri Tujuh (7 beaches) because it has seven or more bays in the area.
Our journey to Pantai Seri Tujuh looks roughly like this:

I had a ride and camp with Yusuf last year where we camp in pantai Tok Bali and I had promised Yusuf that we will do another ride and camp together once he gets his hands on his new bike and after a year later we finally gets to do it again.

Joining us is my brother in-law Joe and Abang Zul Mamat. Another newcomer in this ride & camp is my wife as my pillion, which makes it special as I have waited a very long time for this opportunity to come, since the birth of our last daughter 2 years ago. With her onboard, I now have a professional photographer to document our ride.

The three of us met at R&R Rawang on Saturday morning and we departed around 9am.

The weather was hot but lovely as ride through north south expressway heading to Kuala Kangsar.

The traffic was a little bit congested as expected since this weekend is a school holiday weekend. It started to get very bad as we got to Sungai Siput climbing to the tunnel and reduced to a standstill after the tunnel heading to Sungai Perak.

A lorry has overturned in an accident with a car and the crane used to lift the lorry out of the way is blocking all lanes.

We met Joe at Kuala Kangsar exit around 11.15am

and continue our journey through Lenggong and Gerik.

The weather was again hot and clear as we climbed towards Titiwangsa range taking route 4 and arrived at Titiwangsa rest area around 1.30pm for our lunch.

The restaurant was packed as it is the only restaurant available there and the service was poor.

Yes we made it!!

But where is Abang Zul?
Right behind us.

Photo Credit: Nur Hamizah Ideres

From there we ride down to Jeli and stopped again in Bukit Bunga for drinks and souvenirs.

Photo Credit: Yusuf Musa

We continue north toward Rantau Panjang through route 196 skipping duty free zone area and Rantau Panjang town.

We made a quick stop at the famous Mundok jetty and chatted with armed men in uniform. After the recent bombing in Golok, the jetty has now received less visitors the security in this area has been tightened.

(Photo Credit to Joe Langkawi)

There are many wedding ceremony today by the road side and this is one of it.

We stopped for petrol at Petronas Pengkalan Kubur before reaching our campsite at around 5.45pm.
Campsite Pantai Seri Tujuh 6.219123, 102.130446
Facilities: Public toilet, restaurant & Musolla 1km away

The soft sand at this campsite made it difficult for our heavy bikes to get in and we had to unload all before we can park at our campsite.

Photo Credit: Yusuf Musa

The place is very lively filled with stalls and visitors strolling the beach. We finished setting up camp around 7pm and nearby facilities of Surau and public toilets made this campsite very convenience.

Later that night we had dinner and Yusuf brought marshmallow for late snacks.

Photo Credit: Yusuf Musa

We chatted through the night and by 11.30pm everyone retrieved to their tents. Joe however found it was too hot and slept under the stars accompanied by mosquitos : ).

The next morning we all had nasi lemak for breakfast, courtesy of Syahril, who had to withdraw from joining us because of work responsibility. Yusuf made some omelet and we also have instant noodles.

No sunrise at this beach, blocked behind the treeline

Photo Credit Abang Zul Mamat

My wife and I took a stroll along the beach and I tested the waves soon after breakfast.

We started packing and ready to leave the campsite around 9.30am. Joe and his wife had other plans so we said goodbye to each other at the beach.

The girls for this ride.. ( ;

The three of us continue home through Pengkalan Kubor and Rantau Panjang.

Pasir Mas - Felda Kemahang - Lakota Shortcut

We went back through Pasir Mas route D181 before taking a shortcut trough small estate road heading to Felda Kemahang.

From there we continue to Kampung Batu Gajah inner road 199 with breathtaking view and superb winding road around Ayer Lanas hill range and Bukit Kemahang route 198 Jedok – Air Chanal – Legeh.

Take 5 to enjoy the view

From Kampung Sungai Satan we turn left towards Lakota and Jeli. (perhaps Dragonball writer is connected to this village : ) )

This is in Kelantan, Malaysia

From Jeli we continue to route 66 Sungai Sam – Dabong with breathtaking views of Gunung Stong Tengah.

We stopped for lunch at Dabong railway station and this is my 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] visit to this place (1st visit with Syahril) to check out the place’s changes after the big flood in 2014.

From Dabong, we continue through route D29 towards Gua Musang and hoping that the temporary steel bridge across Sungai Betis is passable after the last monsoon season.

For the record and concrete bridge in Kampung Pulau Setelu crossing Sungai Betis was damaged during the big flood and the makeshift bridge was closed to traffic in December last year.

By the time we arrived at Gua Musang it was 2pm and it was scoring hot when we stopped for break at Petron Gua Musang.

We continue towards Kuala Lipis and the newly constructed road 8 between Kampung Kubang Rusa to Kampung Kecur is lovely. We made another stop at Petronas Mukim Gali Raub for petrol and toilet break.

We continue towards Karak and made our last stop at Lentang rest area to cool off, the natural way. We say goodbye to each other here and departed around 6.30pm.

We arrived home later that day and we picked up our daughters from their nanny.
It felt really good and satisfying as we have checked all items that I planned to do during this ride. The beautiful route with a very nice campsite and adventurous ride back is very memorable for all participants.

My advice to other riders is to experience these by yourself as things can change very fast. Be prepared for a very warm weather and drink a lot of water!

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Thanks for the trip report, nice riding and a great camping spot by the look of it.
Looks a good trip .. I took quick look at your site, there are some nice trail routes i need to follow.

I was on rte.4 on that weekend myself, its a cool road - i will pm you a link to my site.

I think the thing that impresses me about Malaysia is the way it's cool to stop and put up a tent, on rte. 4 i saw a few signs that said 'campsite' .. I just camped in the Belum park, no one thinks its strange ( like they would in Thailand ), no one bothers you, and you don't feel unsafe.
Group camping trips are becoming more and more popular recently and a really great for bring the group together. Great report, thank you!
I have taken a lot of your route before and really enjoyed route 66, a very scenic ride
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