Paklay to Xayabouri.


Sep 13, 2011
KLX 250 & Ninja 650
Hi Guys.

Due to the floods our Nok Air flights to Loei will most likely be moved to the morning from late afternoon on December 2nd.

As we will be in Loei by mid day we figured to head to the border and Paklay on the Friday. (Taking our bike up to Loei on the train to Nong Khai and ride a long the Mekong on the weekend of the 25th to Loei and fly back to Bangkok on the Sunday).

Heading up to Paklay Friday will give us the opportunity to turn left at Paklay and ride through the NPA to Xayabouri early Saturday morning.

Can you advise the difficulty of this route and any potential problems.. ie.. river crossing etc.

There will be 4 of us going up this way with a night in Xayabouri before heading to Nong Sa and Luang Prabang and the rest of the trip :-)

Thanks in advance
Brian a year ago it looked like this south of Park lay - But obviously it shows them working on it so hopefully now better



From Park Lay north the riding is very easy, an almost paved all the way i think

Some more info in the trip report below

I did t the other way a couple of years ago, and iirc I got a steel canoe with a motor acrosss the mekong.the bike laid on its side, then rode off the end on the other side.
There was another ferry further north which takes cars, but I dont remember where. If noone else has the details I'll get some gps wypoints for you.
There are 2 roads to xayabouri,one follows the mekong I think.
I stayed the night there,on o crf250, hotel was ok but the food next door was awful. typical lao.
When you get to xayabouri, go into the town by the river and have a look around at the view
Hi Alex,

This is left at Paklay through the NPA and joining back up with the main road to the Xayabouri?

So it is doable and nothing too tricky from the sounds of it ? Most of us are new in the last year to off riding.. but have donw quite a few trips up to CM, Laos in this time.

Will follow your advise about the river.. Who wants to stay in a town when you can chill out by a river with a beer lao in hand :-)

Thanks all for your replies

Hi Brian,

Did this about a year ago from Xayaboury to Paklay and down south over the border to Thailand. At that time several stretches of the road had been asphalted but other parts were a mess as they were upgrading the road. Don't know in how far the rian this year have caused damage to the road but I assume that you won't have any problems woth a KLX or similar bike. About two years ago it took me six hours from Paklay to Xauaboury in my pick up truck and I am sure it will take you less time on a bike. There are no river crossings except for the ferry crossing over the Mekong just a few km. south of Paklay. In case you need more info on hotels, eating, etc. just give me a shout at this forum or by PM.

Lone Rider aka Auke
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