Oudomxai, Laos to the Chinese border (Boten, Laos)


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Jan 11, 2011
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Oudomxai, Laos to the Chinese border (Boten, Laos)

About 150km north of Luang Prabang on R13 in Laos, around the Oudomxai area is under serious construction by contracted Chinese companies.

As you get north of Oudomxai, the road gets better as you approach the China border

The Laos/ Chinese border at Boten (about 80km north of Oudomxai on R13)/ Mengla (nearest Chinese city), is a very busy border crossing with China bursting into laos consuming all their natural resources. You will see fuel trucks, construction trucks, numerous coach and buses and lots of personal Chinese cars all scurrying around at this international checkpoint.


This is looking north at the Laos (Boten) checkpoint at the creation of a gothic gate on the Chinese side


The laos immigration office is quite professional and efficient due to the huge Chinese traffic flow



Here Chinese workers getting there immigration stamps approved

Looking north at the Chinese border, the soldier on the left in the green uniform (hut with the brown roof) is in the last laos checkpoint, the blue hut with blue roof is the 1st Chinese checkpoint before you get to the Chinese border crossing processing officals.

Chinese soldiers on the left in the blue hut

For amusement i approached the Laos soldier and asked him if I could take the KTM into China, he got quite excited shouting "NO".

Currently the only way you can take a foreign registered motorcycle into China is with a licensed Chinese agent arranging a pre-approved Chinese guide to escort you. The cost of this is usually between USD$2,500 and USD$4,000 for 2 weeks.

The best way to see China by motorbike is to buy a Chinese registered motorbike in China, many have done it.

If you live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, an interesting idea is to buy a Chinese reg. motorbike (im told you can buy a Galaxy 250cc Chinese enduro bike for around $2,500) & keep it in Kunming, China. There is a direct 1 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Kunming, China, I checked last week and the cost of the flight is about 9,000bht.

http://www.kayak.com/Cheap-Flights-Kunm ... NX.co.html

An interesting easy way to explore China.
Map showing the route from OudomXai to Boten at the Chinese border with Laos
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