Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and return


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Aug 13, 2013
Lombok Indonesia, Bendigo Australia
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I've just got back from a 10 day 2000 km ride. Had a great experience on the highways, byways and mountain tracks. Flores is the island of 100,000 bends. No joke - it's dizzying. But what incredible beauty - it makes you drunk. And the people - so warm and friendly.
Sumbawa has an excellent road across the top of the island to Sape where you get the ferry (6 hours) to Labuanbajo in west Flores
Labuanbajo early morning
RSCN3824.JPGLabuanbajo at dusk
DSCN3807.jpg Somewhere in NW Flores between Reo and Labuanbajo. Had only a vague idea where I was that day as best available map was totally inadequate and there are no signposts in the back of beyond. Relied on the tongue in my head and the friendliness of the locals.
DSCN3871.jpg North coast Sumbawa before Empang
DSCN3873.jpg Herman rocked up on his 1974 CB110. He'd been on the road for 6 years criss-crossing eastern Indonesia from Bima to Bali and back - the guy had style.
DSCN3837.jpg Bajo port from the ferry prior to departure on the trip back.
DSCN0001.jpg Between Bajawa and Riung a port on the north coast.
DSCN3654.jpg On the way to Post 3 on the Mt Tambora track. I never made it. Needed a mate to help me up the inclines
DSCN3550.jpg Says it all, really.
DSCN3597.jpg South coast of Lombok just beyond Gerupuk
DSCN3632.jpg Indonesia's lifeline = a roll on/roll off leaving Poto Tano in Sumbawa, Lombok bound.
DSCN3676.jpg Hu'u Beach 40km south of Dompu Famous surfing spot.
DSCN3684.jpg The mosque at Sila, Sumbawa.
DSCN3696.jpg Bima Bay. This was the furthest east penetration of Hindu/Buddhist culture in Indonesia
DSCN3699.jpg I pulled in here for lunch. The place was called "Bakso Favorit" and it was fantastic.
DSCN3700.jpg The crew at "Bakso Favorit".
DSCN3706.jpg You want aircon? - go for it!
Gnasher 328 you need a carnet but apart from that it's pretty routine as far as I know. Onion boat from Penang to Medan is the way to enter. There are posters here who've done it and know better than me. You won't regret doing it - guaranteed.
Thanks, I'll do some research. The carnet was the main hurdle I had in mind.

U can get it in penang within 3 days +deposit $ depending on the bike u drive .search my earlier thread :carnet passage etc . M gone be tht way jan-feb.. Ride on! ;)
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