Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and return. Part 4


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Aug 13, 2013
Lombok Indonesia, Bendigo Australia
Kawasaki KLX150, Honda Vario
Arrived in Labuanbajo at midnight. The town was asleep. Found a hotel with an open door but no one was around so I went upstairs and found an empty room. Went to take a shower - no water. Damn! Crashed as really tired after traveling all day. Minutes later fan went off - no power. Slept fitfully then got blasted awake by the mosque which, unbeknownst to me, was right next door up a laneway. Got up, found some water in another room, showered and packed up. Found the manager downstairs, squared things up with him and I was on the road again before daybreak.

serah 457.jpg Bamboo petung - this giant variety is endemic to west Flores
serah 473.jpg Intersection of the road that climbs up from the north coast to meet the west-east highway at Aegola

serah 474.jpg Met this group from Java - BMW 1200, BMW 800, Kawasaki Versys and Kawasaki W800

serah 477.jpg They were heading fir the coloured crater lakes at Kelimutu.

serah 476.jpg

serah 393.jpg Early morning maintenance at Bajawa

serah 394.jpg Before Bajawa

serah 399.jpg Plenty of hills both near and distant.

serah 391.jpg Roadside rest spot

serah 403.jpg Came across these venerable steeds in Riung, a one-horse town on the north coast. They'd traveled some seriously rugged roads to reach this spot. Harley WLA 1942, early 60s BSA 650 and 350 single

serah 464.jpg

serah 465.jpg 650 BSA

serah 467.jpg 350 AJS The leader of the group, Yo-Yo, was celebrating his 60th with a month long trip out of Jogja. He wore a sarong and smoked his kreteks through a long, ivory cigarette holder. Bohemianism writ large.

serah 403.jpg The old and the new.
serah 404.jpg Road less traveled. Once you leave the main drag, traffic is as sparse as
serah 405.jpg Dry knoll just inland of north coast heading to Dangga.
serah 409.jpg Ebulobo volcano accessed from Boawe village.
serah 414.jpg The restaurant at Lucas Homestay in Bajawa.

serah 410.jpg Flores is mainly Catholic. It was a saint's feast day so the statue was being paraded to the church.
serah 415.jpg Inerie volcano
serah 417.jpg Rural scene on road to Aimere.
serah 419.jpg Flores means flowers in Portuguese.
serah 501.jpg Inerie again.
serah 505.jpg Approaching south coast the land looks parched again.
serah 421.jpg Vistas aplenty.

serah 422.jpg Not a lot of traffic.
serah 424.jpg South coast.
serah 508.jpg White Sands Beach a few km west of Waebela hamlet

serah 429.jpg Church of Christ the King at Poma on the road to Riung.

serah 430.jpg On the way to Riung

serah 431.jpg And again
serah 432.jpg ditto
serah 458.jpg ditto

serah 459.jpg Road to Riung is cut up as you descend out of the highlands.

serah 460.jpg
serah 463.jpg First sight of the sea.
serah 480.jpg Kemiri or candlenut trees

serah 518.jpg Giant kapok.


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