Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and return. Part 5 The trip home.


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Aug 13, 2013
Lombok Indonesia, Bendigo Australia
Kawasaki KLX150, Honda Vario
serah 434.jpg Labuanbajo - the port of the Sea Gypsies

serah 437.jpg About 8 am prior to departure for the six hour crossing to Sape in Sumbawa

serah 440.jpg ditto

serah 442.jpg About to leave

serah 535.jpg Water taxi

serah 538.jpg And again

serah 537.jpg 'Bajo is a bit of a boom town now. LOTS of dive shops, Italian restaurants, lots of wealthy Europeans. When I was first there, over 30 years ago, there was one hotel.

DSCN0002.jpg 6.00am




RSCN3824.JPG Dusk[HR][/HR] DSCN3857.jpg Twenty-five in the back of a Suzuki carry. Indonesians could teach us a thing or two about carbon footprints.

DSCN3858.jpg Salt pans beyond Bima

DSCN3832.jpg 'Bajo harbour late afternoon

DSCN3836.jpg ditto

DSCN3840.jpg Bananas bound for Surabaya in Java.
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