Day Ride To Kuala Wau, Maran Pahang


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Sep 23, 2015
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After my return from 4 nations ride in December last year, I have been spending time with my family for the entire month of January. Entering February, the urge to ride returned and I was longing for another adventure. After a few canceled rides, I have decided to do a day ride to Kuala Wau jetty with my wife.

Kuala Wau jetty was once a famous transit point for tourists planning to stay at Tasik Chini resort. Tourists coming mostly from the city center will embark on a boat ride along Pahang River to Chini River, 12km east of the jetty. However, the resort has lost its charm resulted in reduced number of tourist heading to Tasik Chini and so is the jetty. The plan is to ride to Raub through Kuala Kubu Bharu, Lubuk Paku and going back to Rawang through Temerloh and Karak

We started from Rawang on Friday morning around 8.30am after settling our daughter’s business with school and day care. We headed towards Bukit Beruntung through North South Expresway E1 and by 9am we have arrived at Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Being a working day, route 55 stretch from the city to Sungai Selangor Dam is quiet, with only a few cyclists making their way towards Fraser Hill.

The hot weather immediately felt noticeably cooler as we entered the winding section in the thick rainforest, making our way towards Raub.

From Raub we continue to head north towards Benta through E8 before turning right at Bulatan Benta into E64 toward Kampung Budu.

From Kampung Kemahang to Kampung Jeransang and Damak, the route has nice and flat bends. We arrived at Jerantut around 11.30am and it was scouring hot as we head to Kota Gelanggi and Felda Sungai Tekam.

The route E64 was just reopened this month after it was submerged in January during the recent flooding. We arrived at Maran around 1.00pm and headed towards Lubuk Paku through C21 and Kampung Senggora.

We arrived at Kuala Wau around 1.20pm and the area was quiet.

After spending a few minutes to lay down and rest, we ride towards Temerloh through C133 and Kampung Merbau.

The old route to KL is noticeably quieter than before the opening of East Coast Highway and riding through E2 is very enjoyable. Old memories stormed into my mind as I grew up travelling between east and west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

We arrived at Gobang Maju restaurant in Temerloh around 2.45pm for our lunch.

Although the restaurant has an outlet in Wangsa Maju to ease the crave for us in Klang Valley, this original outlet of Patin Masak Tempoyak has its own unique taste.

We continued riding towards Karak through E2 and made another stop at Masjid Karak.

It was 4.30pm when continued our journey back and traffic along Karak highway was light.

Just before Genting Sempah, it was raining and we rode cautiously towards Gombak. The rain lasted for 2 minutes.

It was hot when we entered DUKE Highway.

The ride elevation from Raub to Rawang looks like this:

We arrived at Rawang around 5.30pm and just in time to fetch our daughters from school.

It was my first ride and riding with my wife is a good way to start the year. The riding season has started with the end of monsoon season in February and I look forward for an exciting riding year ahead.

Note: All picture credits goes to Effa Rina Tajudin.

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Jan 30, 2017
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Thanks for the photos and descriptions. Looks like an enjoyable ride with not much traffic.


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Jun 28, 2011
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I see you went through Raub and Jerantut, I stayed in Jerantut for a week three years ago, some great riding around there
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