Ban Huak, Chiang Kham to Xieng Lom/Hon


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Mar 31, 2011
Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok, Klong 10
Anyone been down this way recently?

I just posted this note to the ThaiVisa forum, someone asking about C. Kham for a border run:

Don't believe Ban Houak crossing further south in C. Kham is open to foreigners as yet. Last time I stopped by, which I must admit was several years ago, they said it was only for Thai and Lao and then just a couple days a week. If/when it does open, would be a nice way to drive over to the Xieng Lom/Xieng Hon valley, then on to Hong Sa and Luang Prabang. Or, turn north at Muang Nguen and cross the Mekong River, then over to Pak Beng, and on to Oudomxay, choice there, turn right to Luang Prabang, or left back to Nam Tha and Ban Houei Sai and C. Khong. Or return to Thailand at Muang Nguen and down to Nan Province.

Was there a few weeks ago for a quick peek but is only open for local traffic but foreigners are not allowed to cross here.
Is that where all those big truck convoys were crossing for the mining co?
south of paksan iirc? just a crossing for that company I believe
Lots of building on the thai side but they wouldnt let us across on the bikes.
No, this crossing is just east of Rd. 1093 (a bit south of Phu Chi Fa). The crossing used by the Phou Bia Mining company is east of Nong Khai and is only used for trucks transporting copper concentrate. In the north, near Chiangkhong, there is a crossing which is being used only to transport coal.

Ban Huak Crossing.JPG
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