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Feb 18, 2011
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On the first day of our ride we left Vientiane for VangVieng. I have ridden Route 13 from Vientiane before and it was only enjoyable the first time, merely because I have never ridden the route before. The traffic was heavy by Lao standards, with hardly any scenery worth mentioning.
I spotted an alternative route that leaves Vientiane and followed the Mekong ft 60kms until a village called Pakton. From Pakton the road turns inland towards Senxoum, joining Route 13 neat the Hineheup Bridge.
We took a gamble and followed that route. The road from Vientiane was R11, a road that was smooth with no potholes at all. Traffic was light.
At Pakton we hit a junction, and the road became unpaved. Great quality albeit dusty, it was an easy off tarmac ride on the big GSAs. We passed many villages as we made our way to Senxoum. We stopped at the halfway point at Nahat for coffee. It seems that this road will eventually be paved as we saw work being done about 20km from the Route 13 junction. It was a more interesting ride compared to the Route 13.
However, it would be pretty slippery if rain comes, and fun can quickly turn to misery on big bikes with road tyres.

20150121 011.jpg 20150121 016.jpg

20150121 025.jpg 20150121 036.jpg

20150121 043.jpg 20150121 045.jpg

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 1.25.15 PM.png
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Look's like you travelled on route 0120, good to know it's still not paved :giving: thanks for the update.
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In November last year I did some exploring in that area and at that time Rd. 0120 from Pakton to Sangthong up to the junction with Rd. 0127 was newly paved. After that it becomes badly potholed asphalt and after a kilometer or so it continues as an unpaved road till it links with Road 13N at Ban Houay Ileut about 8 to 9 km. south of Hinheup
Rewinding the story a little.
We dropped our bikes at Hatyai a week earlier, having made arrangements for us to pick up the bikes at the Nong Khai Customs parking on the Thai side.
We flew into Vientiane, took a van out, unloaded our bikes and rode back into Laos.
We advised the Honorary Malaysian Ambassador of our trip and they gave us a letter of invitation. Great help as we got through the border formalities like a walk in the park.
We stayed at The Rose Hotel in Central Vientiane for the night.

20150120 001a.jpg
Unloading our bikes at Nong Khai
20150120 011.jpg
Bruce, clearing Immigration on a bike that belongs to someone else, brought into Thailand by yet another person a week earlier.
20150120 018.jpg
Monk Mobile
20150120 025.jpg
The obligatory shot at Patuxay
20150120 052.jpg
The Band of Merrymakers
20150120 076.jpg
On the way to the hotel.
Continuing from post #1;
After we exited 0120 we stopped at Senxoum, where Bruce ( he won the Baja Race twice previously ) contemplates his next ride.
20150121 048.jpg
Crossing the Hinheup Bridge on Route 13
20150121 064.jpg
Entering Vang Vieng
20150121 076.jpg
Lima Site 6, the old Air America Runway, smack in the middle of Vang Vieng
20150121 078.jpg
Silver Naga Hotel, by the Riverbank.
20150121 092.jpg
Chilling in the coolness
20150121 088.jpg

20150121 091.jpg
Hot Air Baloon
20150121 102.jpg
Sun going down
20150121 089.jpg
We woke up to clear weather, the river full of morning traffic.

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A short less than 300km awaits ahead as we left Vang Vieng for Phonsavan. R13 was a great road by Lao standards, with the obligatory stretches undergoing improvement.
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A quick stop at Ban Pha Chou, a vegetable patche overlooking the Kasi Mountains. I stop here everytime I ride 13, marvelling at the scenery that greets the owner of the patch of greenery every morning when he wakes up. Lucky Soul.
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We stopped at the Phou Khoun viewpoint for lunch
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My workhorse. 30,000km most of it fully loaded two up with the wife. Runs like clockwork, not the best at anything, but damn good enough everything.
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After lunch at Phou Khoun Viewpoint, we left R13 and headed towards Phonsavan. The first section was just the usual windy Lao road, the surface actually better than R13.
20150122 134.jpg

Midway we stopped at Namchat, situated in a valley with a river running across the village.
20150123 121.jpg

While having some drinks there we saw this curious animal, apparently bred for food. Forgot the name but I think its not a native of laos, introduced a century ago.
20150123 116.jpg

Cooked ready for consumption.
20150123 120.jpg

After Namchat the road climbs and winds into the mountain range for about 30kms before the magnificent Plains of Phonsavan comes into view.
20150123 029.jpg

A great ride, nice roads, smooth surface, good speed can be made
20150122 260.jpg

We headed straight to Site 1, the main touristy Jar site.
20150122 267.jpg

The Center
20150122 274.jpg

Site 1
20150122 315.jpg
20150122 289.jpg

Probably the biggest jar there.
20150122 310.jpg

Crater caused by American bombs
20150122 290.jpg

Remnants of a trench
20150122 296.jpg

More jars
20150122 352.jpg

20150122 372.jpg

20150122 375.jpg

20150122 378.jpg

My wife Gerry, she took most of the photos posted here.
20150122 354.jpg

20150122 337.jpg

Sam and Shija, who were on the R12GS
20150122 387.jpg

We left the site as the sun went down, putting up at the Plain of Jars Hotel.
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It was cold in Phonsavan as we woke up to a bright morning. Ahead a simple 300km ride awaits, with a detour to see an old tank.
The Plain Of Jars Hotel, situated on a hilltop offers a pretty good view of the mist covered town. At USD40, it was OK but still poor value compared to Thailand.

2015-01-24 16.22.56.jpg


On the road by 0900.
2015-01-23 23.02.58.jpg

2015-01-24 16.16.17.jpg

20150123 088.jpg

We reached the tank site within 20 minutes, just about 3kms from the main road.
Why the PT76 Amphibious tank is being used on a plains with no rivers or sea escapes me.
2015-01-24 08.20.40.jpg


20150123 076.jpg

20150123 066.jpg

Back on the road to Luang Prabang
2015-01-24 16.16.17.jpg

Met a bunch of Malaysian Tourists making their way to Luang Prabang
20150123 143.jpg

Henry on a rented XR we call ET
20150123 163.jpg

The Nam Khan means we are getting close to Luang Prabang
20150123 192.jpg

The Sayo Guest House by the Mekong where we spent a few days
20150124 120.jpg

The "Sulawesi Five" - All of us rode Sulawesi Island early 2014. On this ride three in this pix rode their singles from South Laos, doing the Ho Chi Minh, while Alex and me rode our bigger bikes on simpler roads. We RVed at Luang Prabang.

2015-01-24 14.18.27.jpg

Bikes parked by the banks.
20150124 164.jpg

Cock Fighting
20150124 155.jpg

20150124 140.jpg

Dinner was at 3 Nagas, the Iconic Citroen now joined by a Benz.
20150124 171.jpg

20150124 204.jpg

20150124 211.jpg

We met "Danger Tom", and Aussie riding solo along dirt trails on his KLX250.
20150124 212.jpg
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