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Jan 11, 2011
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Mae Sariang - Mae Sam Laep - Sop Moei - Mae Sariang

This would be about 200km of riding, probably between 5 and 6 hours of moving time. The R 1194 SW of Mae Sariang is a good surface most of the way to Mae Sam Laep, the last 20km is broken in large sections. The bridge over the small river 2km before Mae Sam Laep has been washed away in rainy season, its accessable over the dry river bed.

Once south of Mae Sam Laep you are then on the trails, it follows the salaween River south for a few KM's then enters the "Sop Moei"/ Karen refugee village region. This is a fantastic area for trail riding with 100's of small villages, highly recommended, not many rider's get here.

mae sam laep to sop moei trails.jpg
It sure is a lovely area out there Phil, we have both been fortunate enough to ride there
These as well as other areas are still largely unexplored although Coli aka Captain Slash, Phil, Alex, Max, Matt and others are busy riding in these areas and along the way collect a wealth of information on the condition of the tracks, fuel availability, etc. Here is a screenshot of the North Thailand GPS map (available from Eagle GPS and the Riders Corner) of the same area mentioned by Phil as well as tracks south of Rd 108 and east of Rd 105.

Offroad tracks south of the 108.jpg

The same is true for other areas like north-west and north-east of Chiangmai - tons of trails already explored and documented and probably even more tracks which haven't been explored. Most of the tracks have now dried up and views are still beautiful - just don't wait to long as the haze and the heat will be with us in another month of two.

The area north-west of Chiangmai

Offroad tracks NW of Chiangmai.jpg

The area south-west of Chiangmai

Offroad tracks SW of Chiangmai 2.jpg

Still have quite a few more tracks of the area south-west of Chiangmai which I got from a guy who works there. These will be added once I get his approval for putting them in the map as well as getting some clarifications from him about the condition of the tracks.
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