Tackling the dirt in Northern Thailand

The Bigfella

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Aug 15, 2012
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I've been doing the co-ordination of Ulysses Club rides for a year or so now. Pretty much a ride every week - sometimes two and only a couple of weeks without a ride.

This week, it was dirt, south west of Lamphun. I generally shoot video - but set it to commercial music, so youtube mutes it if I put it up. Here's a clip - sans music - of a sandy section from the ride. If anyone wants to see the full video, it's on the big screen in the bar - title "Ten Do Dirt". It was a good day to give some experience to riders who haven't done dirt before - and some who haven't done it for a while. One newbie to the dirt bet his lady 1,000 baht she'd fall off before him. He lost.

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