Riding "Hell's Gate" Video


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Jan 10, 2012
Honda XR 250
Funny sometimes how one get to discover new tracks, so George and me decided we wanted to go from the foot of Doi Kham towards Doi Phui, where the camping site is and the fire rescue station, but everything was so overgrown and we couldn't make out the right track, yet we had a lot of fun...it seemed to be a complete new track until we bumped into the intended track furthermore up, I had some nice slides and on one I had to let go of my XR, (you'll see on the video). The way back we wanted to have a go at the "hell's gate", so far so good, but here again, we lost the track and found a really impossible or shall I say impassible way, steep narrow, this would be perfect for trial riding, this would be much fun I reckon. Lucky we finally got back on a normal dirt road, for some moment I was really worried...but at the end we made it...great day....

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