New Honda MSX 125 and the fake Ducatis minibikes ??


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Jan 13, 2011
Do you remember my post from some time ago , about a company knocking up fake Ducati monster minibikes in Rayong ,, well i have seen loads of the new HONDA MSX 125 which looks just like a baby Monster 795 you can even get Ducati decal kits and loads of aftermarket bling for it and its very trendy among the thai kids to do this ,

well i went down and had a chat with the guys who were making up the fake MINIBIKES Last year , he was using secondhand engines or chinese engines ,, seems he got into a lot of trouble with Honda and the copyright lawyers ,,, They made about 40 bikes and sold 26 , The lawyers have seized the remainder and even some customers bikes were recovered and seized if they registered them for green books.
The story is that HIS COUSIN was working in a design studio a couple of years ago and saw prototype for the MSX 125 and it seemed that Honda were not going to build it they thought they could make a little money ...HO HUM ....seems it cost him a lot of money in the end and his cousin lost his job .

The Honda MSX 125 is a sweet little bike ,,, Honda have styled it to look almost like a Monster ,, make me wonder what Ducati think .


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Feb 10, 2011
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Yeah saw a Tom with her Dee on the back with one all decked out in Ducati decals and (probably decal) carbon bodywork.
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