Crossing from Vietnam into Laos on a 125cc Honda Click with Cambodian Plates


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Sep 7, 2019
2012 Honda Click 125
I’m trying to plan a trip from Cambodia, through Vietnam (South to North), into Laos and South back into Southern Cambodia. This will be on a 125cc Honda Click. It has Cambodian plates, I own it, and have the registration card listed in another person’s name (very common in Cambodia.) US citizen, I have a 1 year Cambodian Visa(EOS) and Cambodian driver’s license. I have already confirmed that I can cross in and out of Vietnam from Cambodia, and also in and out of Laos from Cambodia. I am also well aware of the licensing issues driving in Vietnam, I am not looking for input about this matter. I am trying to determine if I can cross from Vietnam into Laos in the north with my Cambodian motorbike. Has anyone done this recently and successfully? Has anyone done any trips around my route on an automatic scooter?6B21B1BA-257A-4562-98B8-E73BDE105861.jpeg
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