Kawasaki KLX 250 SF IMS 3 gallon fuel tank fitting instructions


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Drain the fuel from your stock tank into approved gasoline container. Remove the seat, left side panel and radiator shrouds. Un-bolt the tank & fuel valve from the frame. Raise the tank to access the drain & vent lines on the bottom and disconnect them from the tank. Lift the tank off then remove the rear rubber mounting grommet, the fuel lines and both brass fuel fittings from your stock tank.


Attach the IMS rear mounting bracket to the IMS tank using two of the 6x12mm button head screws. (Fig.1) Re-install the rubber grommet & sleeve into the new bracket. CAUTION: To get a proper seal the stock o-ring on the small threaded brass fitting (it has the standpipe) must be replaced with the 2x8mm o-ring provided. Transfer the two fuel fittings onto the IMS fuel tank and re-connect the fuel lines & petcock. Bolt the seat button to the top of the tank with the remaining 6x12mm button head screw.
The stock tank has at least two hoses connected to the bottom of the tank, the California models have three; none are used with the IMS tank & can be removed. On California models cap off the (Red) line at the Separator with the vinyl cap and replace the (Blue) hose with the vent line provided to connect the IMS gas cap to the Separator. (Fig. 3&4) No Separator? Trim & route the gas cap vent hose as necessary. TIP: A light coating of grease applied to the face of the side mount rubber bushing will help the tank slide into the frame. Place IMS tank on the frame & bolt it down using the stock hardware. Re-attach the fuel valve & fuel line to the carburetor. Drill two 13/64” holes in your shrouds as shown in the photo. (Fig.2) Install radiator shrouds using OEM hardware & the two 5x12mm button head screws. Be sure to leave the bolts loose until all bolts are started before tightening them. Install seat & side panel. Attach the vent hose to IMS gas cap.
Be sure that the tank is mounted securely and does not bind or in any way inhibit the controls or function of the vehicle. Ensure that there are no sharp objects that rub against the tank which may eventually puncture the tank. Always check for any fuel Leaks before Operating your Bike and enjoy your Longer Ride!

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