Kawasaki KLX 250 2011/2011 model info


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Jan 12, 2011
As a follow on to the previous topic,
I have been looking and reading a lot about the current KLX 250 avaiable in Thailand,

seems that straight out of the box it is a bit of a pig!!!

There is a lot of info on the overseas forums re various mods, but they are mainly around the carby models and very little on the Thai DFI (EFI) fuel injected models.

The main mods seems to be
Airbox ,by fitting a off the shelf larger airbox breathing snorkel, sounds reasonable for a cheap mod!
Crankcase venting, by increasing the hole sizing and inserting a one way plastic valve to achieve a negitive pressure in the crank case. Does this work?
Exhaust and header change to a FMF or other similar type, there is supposed to be a Thai stainless one that is suitable, any info on what is avaiable and what sort of costs and what works?
Fuel control system (EFI, DFI) i have been reading about several issues with the factory mapping set up such as rev restrictions and lean running causing engine cut out a low revs.
is there an after market unit that can be fitted by a novice or does this require real tech knowledge?

Any other mods or info and assistance appreciated ,,thx
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