How To - Thailand - Malaysia Border Crossings

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Jan 29, 2011
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How To - Thailand - Malaysia Border Crossings

An Article written by Rider Chris about Malaysia - Thailand Border Crossing

This article generally applicable if you want to cross into Thailand overland but I'll be more specific on Malaysia - Thailand Border Crossing by Car or Motorcycle.

In a nutshell, you will need;

1. TM2 Information of Conveyance form. - 2 copies | Download

2. TM3 Passenger List form - 2 copies. (Only if you're riding /driving with passenger). | Download

3. TM6 Card (Arrival/Departure white card).

4. Passport valid for 6 months at-least.

5. Driving license recognized in Thailand. i.e. From ASEAN countries or International Driving Permit.

6 (a). Authorized letter from the vehicle owner & copy of the owner's N.R.I.C./ Passport (If the vehicle is not on your name). | Sample

6 (b). Form 24 (SSM company registration details) & FORM 49. (If you're using a company registered vehicle) | Sample

Note: Thai border in Sungai Golok requires the authorized letter to be stamped by a Commissioner of Oath.

7. Simplified customs temporary Import / Export form.

8. Copy of your road tax - Ensure it is not expired.

9. Vehicle registration card (Grant / VOC). (Photocopy is acceptable but you will need to get it stamped at any police station to established authenticity of the document)

10. Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI) (Less than RM 20).

11. Visa - (Not needed for countries that have been exempted). For Thai Visa service, read here and for any other Thailand immigration forms, it can be found here.

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