Rental Bike in Malaysia?


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Jan 6, 2020
Hi, I plan to travel in Malaysia in fall (November) this year. Does anybody know a good place to rent a reasonable bike (like Honda CRF 250)? I could not find anything suitable so far in the internet. I would not like a scooter or heavy street bike. The other option would be to rent one in southern Thailand and cross the border. Would that be possible at all ( like I took a bike from Thailand to Laos, so I know it is paperwork, but is was possible)? Any tips very much appreciated!
I've asked a friend who knows the bike scene in Northern Malaysia. Waiting for an answer
No luck from my Malaysian contact. I certainly enjoyed riding in Malaysia some years back... but that was on the bike I rode up from Australia (shipped in from Sumatra), then, after a loop around Malaysia, on to Thailand, etc. We have hire bikes at my business, but we're too far from the Malaysian border to have gotten involved with bikes going there. We've sent plenty in and out of Laos - back when borders were open.
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