Buying/owning a motorcycle in Malaysia as a foreigner?


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Sep 27, 2015
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Hello Forum!

This is my first post here so greetings to all of you!!

I've been looking to buy myself a motorbike in SEA for quite awhile, and now it finally looks like its happening.

At the moment, it seems buying the bike in Malaysia would make the most sense. The cost of the bike itself will be higher while the process of getting legal ownership sounds like a smooth and efficient affair compared to alternatives in the countries around the region.

From what I've been able to find out, it sounds like all that is required to get the bike legally registered in your name is your passport with valid entry stamps. The process itself should take two working days.. (?). Compared to other countries in the region, this sounds almost unbelievably smooth.

However, the info I've come across is a few years old, and also deals with purchases of new bikes trough a dealership. (here's one story; from 2011).

Now, a lot may have changed since -11. And I would also prefer buying a used bike from a private seller.

Does anyone of you have information about the current requirements on how to do this, (are the requirements buying from a dealer, as described above, still valid)?

What is the procedure to acquire ownership documents if buying secondhand from a private seller?

I'm looking at something between 400-700cc. Would engine size affect ownership requirements in any way?

If you have any up-to-date information on how to get ownership documents (or anything concerning ownership) for a big(ish) bike in Malaysia as a foreigner, please post.

Any and all replies are highly appreciated!

Big bikes are the same as small bikes as far as I can tell. No body checked my visa when I bought my new bike. The only touble you may have is an addres for registering the insurance to. If buying from the a private person you will need to go together with them to a JPJ office to make the transfer. Then you will recieve a pink slip which is the ownership document. Make sure you check the road tax is in date. good luck!
Hi, and many thanks for the reply!

May I ask how you managed get an address to register your own insurance to? Or perhaps you already have a legitimate address in Malaysia?

I live here so not an issue for an address. You won't have an issue getting the insurance but I imagine making a claim in the event of an incident may be tough. If you register with a hostel and get to know the owners maybe they can help you out so you have the option to claim.
Very useful information, thank you.

I will have to look in to the address issue a bit. If anyone have hints or just some plain brilliant ideas regarding this, please post.

Sorry for bumping this old post but was just wondering if it's true that any hotel/hostel address works when filling up the paperwork?
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When I bought my FZ150i Yamaha in 2011 (from a dealer) they asked for proof of addrss. As I was sharing an apartment with a local friend, the rental agreement was in his name and all of the utilities (power, water) were either in his name or the landlord's name. Luckily I had ordered and had delivered a security safe and the invoice had my name and address and that was acceptable. I imagine you will still need some document showing your street address. (Address for service.) An invoice from your hostel/hotel with their name & address and your name might do it ......? ?
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