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Good news update. Garmin has now released Basecamp 4.8.3 for Mac which, among other things, has now been upgraded to 64-bit.

That is good news, maybe now i can get the Nightrider map to install on my Mac's
One way you might used Nightrider's map on your Mac without actually installing it is to just put the map on a cheap USB memory stick. Create a folder on the memory stick called garmin and drop the map into it. When you start Basecamp, it will automatically see the map and open it. Doing it this way, there is no need to plug in your unit to make routes and do other things. Also easy to update the map. Just drop the new one in the garmin folder and overwrite the pervious version.

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Good idea, I've always found the best way is to always write directly to your device reading the map from your device and laying out your routes and tracks to it, that way you avoid corruption of the file. This has happened to me many times half way through a trip and the route is displayed as a series of straight lines and failed to route correctly.
So, I am using the latest Basecamp (4.8.6), the latest Garmin Thailand map (CN Thailand NT 2019.40 [Dual]), and the most recent Nightrider update (2019-11-14) and I have noticed something curious. With some (though not all) of the shaping/waypoints, if I set them on one map, they are slightly off on the other. They are off enough to actually make the line look like it is off the road. If I reset them on the second map, the road corrects its path but when I go back to the other map, the point is off there and in a different place than I put it originally. I have used the maps loaded on my Garmin and also loaded on a USB with the same results. I'm not sure which map is off. I have attached 2 screenshots to show you what I mean. The first is a point set on the Garmin map and the second is the same point after shifting to the OSM map.

Am I the only one that is seeing this? I haven't had a chance to go out and try time on a route yet to see if it is going to work or not but Will update when I do.


Screen Shot - Garmin.png
Screen Shot - OSM.png
Pretty normal when you set the zoom levels very high, try zooming out a little it should route fine.
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