Exploring Doi Luang Near Phayao


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Since myself and Jim had recently become new dad's we planned to rid ourselves of being being house bound and explore an area neither of us had ventured in, Doi Luang NP which is situated between routes 118, 120 and Hwy 1. A small break in the weather so we decided to give it a go and after worming our way through the small farming villages off the 118 we finally hit dirt as we headed up the mountains, we came to this junction right looked to take us a further 35 km or so to the 120, left looked to go nowhere.


The skies didn't look so good and it started to rain to we decided retreat back to the concrete road to wait out the storm.

thumb_2015-08-10 10.50.11_1024.jpg

We considered our options and when the rain stopped we decided to give the left track a go, it was pretty steep and slick in places but beautiful.

thumb_2015-08-10 11.42.28_1024.jpg thumb_2015-08-10 11.48.23_1024.jpg

thumb_11229361_10204920087098346_6712699556224002412_n_1024.jpg thumb_11866277_10204920087298351_7835611915210543242_n_1024.jpg

Sadley more rain was coming upon us, we decided discretion was the better part of valor and head back rather than deal with the dreaded red snot.

We made it back to a village shop as the heavens opened once again.


Some shots from the ride back.

thumb_2015-08-10 10.07.11_1024.jpg thumb_2015-08-10 12.01.47_1024.jpg

Dragon fruit being grown everywhere in this region.

thumb_2015-08-10 12.01.59_1024.jpg thumb_2015-08-10 12.51.54_1024.jpg

So not what we planned but now we know what's out there, we will be back soon to poke around some more.

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Hi there
lookes great to me.
i live part time in Mae Jai and there is great riding near by.
where did u get that map from ?
Yep it's a great area to explore and will be over that way in a week or so. The map is made by Lone Rider (Auke) if you PM him i am sure he can point you in the direction of a way to get the GPS map.
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