East Mae Sariang - alternate route to 108


Nov 23, 2018
BMW f800gs/ Suzuki DRZ400S
Big backcountry Loop east of Mai Sariang.

15km east of MS on highway 108 there’s a turn off on the left. This was my entry point to a big backcountry loop that essentially headed north and eastward before circling back around on the 1270 and reconnecting again with highway 108 (49kms east of MS).

On first leaving the 108 you are treated to 8km of simply outstanding twists and curves that will make you pay close attention to every second of this short but exhilarating segment.

Today began with rain and so caution tempered my mornings ride through these turns. Additionally it seemed that the local cow population had freshly passed through and loaded a good portion of the route with mud pies. Images of sliding out due to bullshit kept me alert and simultaneously frustrated, knowing this was a watered down riding experience due to less than ideal conditions. Thankfully I retraced this section of the road later again in the day en route to the hot spring and fully capitalized on dry tarmac, free of obstacles. Wow, what a fantastic, fluid ride.


From the signed turn off to the hot spring you have about another 100kms of superb mountainous countryside to peripherally absorb as you flow with an undulating road that’s in exceptionally good condition for something that barely shows up on Google maps. What’s more, there’s very little traffic to distract and I saw zero signs of other motorcycle riders.


Whether leaving Mai Sariang for Chiang Mai or vice versa, consider skipping the 108 entirely through this section (it’s way more heavily trafficked, far less aesthetically pleasing and in no better condition). Make the additional 60km detour and treat yourself to a memorable ride coupled with a nice hot soak at the hot spring

I was treated to lunch at this National Park work camp that I happened across while following a dirt track. Such wonderful local hospitality.
A very memorable stop
More dirt trails that I followed throughout the course of the day
A worthwhile stop at this waterfall which is a short ways off the 108 while riding back to MS and is signposted.
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Sounds like you enjoyed the twisty 3010, its now fully paved to the 1270 but a few years back was still dirt and great fun too
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