A meander from the North to the North-East of Thailand

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Jan 29, 2011
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A meander from the North to the North-East of Thailand

Had some spare time and decided to take my time on my way to Vientiane where I would join Mac for another TLCB trip in Laos. So, instead of being in my normal hurry I rode from Chiangmai to Nan and then on to Chumphae along the border to Ban Bo Bia taking Rd 1243 and Rd 1123. Part of this road is unpaved and while the last time I took that road it was quite a bit rutted, this time it was a nicely graded track which even a road bike would have no problems with.


From Bo Bia I rode along the 1268 to the Phu Suan Sai National Park (Na Haeo National Park) and from there along the 1328 back to the 1268 and the 2113 to to Dansai, Loei and south to Highway 12. Just some random pictures taken while "on the road".



View over the mountains into Laos


Border Police Patrol (BPP) Unit 31 at Ban Huay Yang. If you would drive here through the gate and continue for about a kilometer, you will reach Ban Savang which is in Thailand according to both Thai and Lao maps but is a Lao village complete with a School and Health Center


The Thai border post (BPP Unit 31) at Ban Lao



Still no news about when the international Phu Du border crossing will be open for foreigners




Newish Buddha statue (N17.81400 E100.93512) at Ban Huay Mun



Tad Huang Waterfall (N17.56678 E100.99278) on the Thai-Laos border in the Phu Suan Sai National Park



Local Nam Huang border crossing at Ban Na Heao (Thailand - near the junction of road 1268/2195 and 2113) to Ban Natha (Laos - Rd 3615)


Wat Phochai with ancient wall murals (N17.40907 E101.04932) in Ban Na Phung on Rd. 2113



The murals on both the inner and outer walls depicting Lord Buddha’s life and featuring the beliefs of the people of Ban Na Phung in the late Ayutthaya and Early Rattanakosin periods.


The 400-years-old ordination hall with the revered OngSaen Buddha or FonSaen Ha bronze image.


The Buddhist scripture library built on tall poles at Wat Phochai


The old wat is in need of repairs and at the moment the walls are being supported with a metal structure


A picture of the wat in better days


Don't count on this guy to help with the repairs of the temple as he is fast asleep under the Bo tree in the temple grounds after having had a bit of Lao-Kao to help him through the day
Thanks Auke, some nice shots.
Lots of interest and information as usual Auke. :DD
re Tad Huang Waterfall; is it a reasonable walk to the falls?
Wonderful Temple murals too.
I wonder if that unpaved section of the 1243 is about to be finally paved now
Ron, the waterfall is only 200 meters from the paved road but it was quite steepish down from the road (the easy part) so it took me quite a bit of huffing and puffing to get up at the road but the waterfall was worthwhile the hike. Nearby is the temple with the murals as well as another temple Wat Si Pho Chai (http://www.rideasia.net/motorcycle-forum/thailand/5876-wat-si-pho-chai.html and here http://www.rideasia.net/motorcycle-forum/thailand-ride-reports/4048-chiangmai-nongkhai-start-my-mapping-trip-laos.html and quite a few other worthwhile things to see
Thanks Auke; that should test my new knee!
Lots of water falling for this time of year.
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