Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai 118 Update


Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
Honda CRM-AR 250, Honda CRF 250-L, Suzuki V Strom XT 650 Honda XR250 Baja BMW F650GS
Travelled both ways on the 118 yesterday heading to CM was a breeze, nice an dry, 95% is paved or temporary paved and the remainder is compacted dirt and gravel the worst being at the southern end near CM but no real issues on the V Strom.

Coming back was a different affair it started raining mid way along, and being Thailand some numbty with a water truck was still watering the dirt sections making them into a brown soup, a few moments but with care no bit problem although the state of my bike may tell you otherwise.

Works look set to continue for a year or two, but it is improving but slowly.
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