Chiang Khong-A Dead Dog-Nan 30-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1020, 1155, 1222, 1021, 1148, 1080

Total distance 324 km

I mentioned about my bike being covered up by the guest house owner, today I could hardly see it

I reckon the next step is for the owner to offer to put it inside their lounge

A few km out of town and I take a left on a new wide dirt road and here I assume is the start of the new bridge over the Mekong

According to my gps if I ride on towards the Mekong I can find my way to the 1155

So I navigate my way on this very foggy morning to an asphalt road

The Mekong and I now have the pleasure of riding high up in that fog

I ride on but the road stops at a river with no way across so its back towards Chiang Khong for me

A very quiet market with no customers

Finally back on the 1020 and I spot this crab in the middle of a fairly busy dual carriageway, I put him across then ride on

The brilliant 1155 and the fog has gone

That red building is not something that I have seen before this trip around here

A very new crematorium by the look of it

I take a left onto the 1222 then a left onto the 1021 then at Chiang Kham ride on ahead and I am now on the start of the brilliant 1148

A few km out from Chiang Kham and the fun begins, its a good surface from start to finish

Theres actually a vehicle in this picture, not much traffic at all along here today

Lots of chillies growing along the roadside

That lovely twisty road

I score my first kill of the season, the silly dog couldnt make up its mind which way to go.
It was a tricky situation for me as I was going down a fairly steep hill and tried braking but just released the brakes and hoped for the best.
I felt the dog crunch under both the wheels and thankfully it appeared to die instantly, the mighty Phantom wins again

I ride on enjoying todays trip enormously and no more incidents, at the end of the 1148 its a right onto the 1080 to Nan.
I check in at my usual the Amazing Guest House at N18.47.501 E100.47.053

Then its time to eat, I had this large breakfast at Tonys Place, bacon, eggs, fried bread, sausage, white pudding, fries, mushrooms, fried onions and beans for 150 Baht and boy was I stuffed.

Tonys Place is at N18.47.924 E100.47.443 so if you want a real breakfast rather than the plastic ham and lukewarm scrambled eggs of the Dhevaraj then try here.

Get the gdb file here ... d-dog-nan/


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
It sure is Phil, the 1148 is about great scenery as well as the awesome ride but I guess a lot of the scenery gets missed as lots of riders are really hammering along it


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Jan 11, 2011
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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That's the problem i normally have on that road! I'm normally with the guys in super motard trim and they don't stop to take photo's (& I like to!).
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