In The Mountains South Of Chiang Khong 28-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1020, 1155, 4029, 1093, 4058, 1174, 4018, 4008, 4021, 4014

Total distance 358 km

I am well looked after at this guest house, not only is it cheap but a blanket is even put over my bike for protection from the elements

Quite what the owner was brewing up here though I dont know

The cat certainly isnt going to go thirsty, if it drinks that lot it will be pissing more often than I do

I set off at 7.45am for a nice early start to ride to Phu Chi Fa, the 1020 out of town is now a really shyte road, full of pot holes and no paved surface part of the way.
I turn left onto the 1155 and stop where the Mekong flows next to the road at a new temple being built here

Next years ride here should see this looking a lot more impressive

Some intricate work on the inside too

This boat was making slow progress going upstream against the fast current

Theres a lot of low cloud and fog this early in the morning and its quite cold too but will no doubt warm up later on

The weather is now looking even grimmer and its spitting with rain for a short while

A few km later and its now a sunny sky

I take a left onto the 4029 and the scenery now is just great

Lots of onions being sorted out here

Lots of colourful plants right here

Along the 1093 I take this shot then the camera dies on me, the battery level was showing okay this morning and now it has totally expired so unfortunately its back home to recharge it, no Phu Chi Fa today

After a recharge its still only 1.30pm so I decide to explore some new roads and ride some old ones, a few km south of town I take a right onto the 1174 and along here I see this place, its looks good from the road and there appears to be work going on here

Further along the 1174

A large Buddha that from the road looks like its made from plastic, but it isnt

The painter at work

I take a left onto the 4018

The lovely view looking east at the mountains

I turn left onto the 1020 then soon take a right onto the 4018 to ride this new road that links the 1020 with the 1155 that everyone is going on about, it sure is one steep climb for a few km

I reach a village at the top and stop for a drink and some photos

A stunning view from here thats for sure

A zoomed in view of that nice new piece of tarmac

Theres a few hairpins and S bends along here

I ride to the 1155 then turn round to ride back

Sod that for a laugh

The boss sitting there with her calculator

This new road is definitely well worth riding, I reach the 1020 turning right then try a couple more roads that link the 1020 with the 1155 but they are rather tame after the 4018

A spaghetti with pork at the 999 Bar tonight for 100 Baht.
Get the gdb file here ... ang-khong/
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