Mae Chan To Chiang Khong 27-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 4010, 1016, 4006, 1098, 4049, 1129, 4007,

Total distance 145 km

After breakfast it was time to move on towards Chiang Khong, I said goodbye to Fon then David and I rode out

Once off the awful dusty roadworks of the 1016 it was a pleasant ride through cleaner surroundings

A short stop at Wat Muen Buddha Mettakhunaram

We turn onto the 4049 which is a new road for me and its a twisty one through good scenery

We reach the 1129 and here its time to say goodbye, David turns left towards Chiang Saen and I turn right for Chiang Khong

Its a ride along the river today as I elect to take the 4007 following the river rather than my usual route of the 1129 as I have been told its a bad surface at the moment

Along the 4007 and I notice a few people seem to have onions growing outside their homes amongst the flowers

I didnt notice the butterfly taking any interest in these though

I am back alongside the river again now

Theres a lot of swirling current along here

I reach the 1129 and a shot back at the hills

A shot from the Huaisai Man viewpoint

Its a verey nice ride along here and at Chiang Khong I check into the Borishut guest house as always at N20.16.248 E100.24.301. Still 100 Baht for a double bed with hot water, the best value in town

Its a vegetarian pizza for 150 Baht at 999 bar tonight at N20.16.248 E100.24.323, just a few metres from my guest house.
Its the first time in all the times that I have eaten here that the Finnish owner has not been here, apparently hes gone home working for six months but his wife cooked a very nice pizza.

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Jan 29, 2011
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Normally I eat at the Lomtawan Restaurant but next time I am in Chiangkhong I'll try the 999 Bar as this pizza looks very nice.
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