Border crossing Huayxai - Chiang Khong


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Oct 19, 2011
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Coming back to Thailand on 13th, March at the boarder Huayxai -Chiang Khong with our rental bikes we decided to be there early. Surprisingly it was easy going at the Lao immigration and customs. They stamped our passports, kept the customs declaration form we got down in Savannakhet, had a quick look at the motorcycle green book and waved us through.
No fees / toll for the bidge or request for some "extra" money,.
The "problems" started at Thai immigration as the guy in chrage this day took his job 100%.

He wanted to see all documents such as
green book of the bikes,
insurance of the bikes,
a signed copy of the owner of the bikes,
the rental contract and
the letter of conveyance for the bikes.

We told him, that they have been not interested in the letter of conveyance at the border at Mukdahan and did not stamp it. So we had to go inside where they made many copies and whatever, which cost us 20 THB each. Returning to the immigration booth with everything, the guy ran through all documents again, stamped the passports and everything was ok.
This was taking a while so that the whole border crossing took 1hr and 20 min. If you have all the documents it will be a lot faster :D

As this bridge obviously was planned for 4-wheels only, take the line for cars and the immigration & customs booth for private cars 7608876089
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Thanks for the information. We had another customer go across the same bridge into Laos yesterday on one of our rental fleet. No problems whatsoever. It certainly pays to get all the paperwork together before arriving there.
Alexandra, thanks for your updated crossing information, you mentioned when we met you had a contact number of the driver who ferried you over at Mukdahan, could you provide it please.
The full contact details / the business card is on the other thread... boarder crossing Mukdahan- Savannakhet:
phone nr in Thailand 085-249-4542
phone nr in Laos : 02096-0891-19
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