Bike storage in Chaing Mai


Jul 24, 2011
Kawa Er6n & KLX 250
Does anyone know what long term, safe storage for bikes is avaiable in Chaing Mai and costs?
It might be worth talking to the Kawasaki dealer in Chiang Mai, seeing as you'll have 2 Kawasaki bikes & you service them there?
That not a bad idea - i saw they had a load of bikes on the right of the service bay. Does anyone know if they were storage or sale bikes
Need this service too. Will be riding Thailand soon with the wife on my RT. We plan to take 12 days to reach Chiangmai from Kuala Lumpur. We plan to leave the RT in Chiangmai for 3-4 weeks before we return to continue our trip into Laos. I have already found a place in Vientiane where we can store our bikes. Similarly in Siem reap.

Any in Chiangmai?
Marcus - a semi-Chiang Mai resident was looking into this, I think he's back here, let me see if he's still interested.
concierge said:
I beleave his price starts at 1000b per month!

"starts at 1000b per month"? That's pretty big money (especially for Thailand) for throwing a bike in the back of a shed.

Just keep it at a friend's house or something and put a chain on it. We have a big locked courtyard with 3 meter walls where we keep our bikes at the shop in Santitham. It's accessible only through the back of the shop and I'm sure my mechanic would do it for a couple hundred baht a month if you really want to spend some money.

Ask for ??? (Thon) in Santitham at the mechanic shop at N 18 degrees 48.306 minutes / E 098 degrees 58.707 minutes.
Thanks for your input The PoMoBro
but i would not call Khun Nats Piston shop a shed!, plus bikes dont get thrown in!,for your hard earned cash! you get safe/secure under cover locked up storage that is well vented,bike cover,charger and paddock stands etc if needed.
When I had my ER6 and went away for work every second month Kawasaki offered to store it for me for free so most likely they would be happy to take a regular customers bike and store it still.

As for 1000 Baht (33 USD) per month being expensive to securely store a bike that may be worth a couple of hundred thousand Baht..... Well we all think differently..

Has anyone any new info on bike storage in the Chiang Mai Chiang Rai areas?

August 10th 2022
I was talking with Nung a while back - he'd offered to store two bikes for 1,500 total - battery charger etc
Aug 10 too

Nung Tawatchai on Facebook / Messenger is probably the easiest way to contact him. He's on the 108 out Hang Dong - a competent bike mechanic.​

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