Maejo Road 1001 towards Phrao – Temples (Part 1)


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Feb 23, 2011
Chiang Mai
PCX - with custom valve caps
Rode the 1001 from Mae Jo towards Phrao with the intention of visiting a group of temples along the way.

This road is a terrific ride, with plenty of curves, a decent surface and very little traffic. Typically I ride this road fast and don't take time to stop & savour some of the culture. Before the ride, I created waypoints on my GPS for each temple... 56 of them between the turning for Mae Ngat & Phrao. Ha ! Lets start on that list ;)

Wat Na Meng.
N19.10771 E99.05072
Plenty of sandcastles after Songkran celebrations.

Believe it or not, these were inhabited.

First look at the new chain, changed last week during the 6,000 km service. Nothing wrong with the old one, just felt compelled to change it after so many others had suffered problems.

The water crossing has a new bridge.
N19.07908 E99.17999

Wat Ban Luang
N19.08274 E99.17749

Wat Chetiya Ba
N19.11780 E99.16440
This place is quite diverse, with many influences.
Many Mae Chee.

The decorations on the roof & the snakes are unique.

Made from a Tin / metal material & riveted together.

Monument - Long Poo Khao Atnalayu
N19.12420 E99.16449

Fascinating use of ceramic tiles

Just behind the monument I visited a small dam project & saw some orange robes on trees in the forest on the hills behind.

Up on the mountain, this Meditation Sala is still under construction.
N19.12640 E99.15895

Note the windowed plinth below.

Stairs crossing !!

Note the windows above the Buddha image

A little bit of off road & the bike feels comfortable enough.

Wat Phrachao Thon Luang
N19.20685 E99.17620

On the left side of the road coming up from Chiang Mai. A pretty temple with very plain outside walls.

Inside however, is another story. Very detailed decorations and something I have not seen before on the ceiling.

On the right side of the road at this point are steps leading to a Chedi on the mountain.

Up at the Chedi

N19.20734 E99.17871

What a nice looking bike.

Wat Chaloem Ra
N19.20286 E99.18860

A poor looking sala in front but up on the hill are signs of development from last years gatin tamboon.

Monument - Long Poo Waen
N19.21083 E99.18644
This huge monument is similar to the ones found on Doi Inthanon.
I have tried googling a little about this place and some of the names and am drawing blanks. Took tells me this Monk was highly regarded and very important (hence the grandness of the monument I guess)

The light falling on the flowers below makes a pleasant scene.

This Chedi is at Wat Doi Mae Pa which really is the temple area situated towards the main road from the places in the above images & the monument.
N19.21217 E99.18534

The entrance to Wat Doi Mae Pa is usually from the 1001 & the large white archway is probably all most people see of this place.

I have a few more temples to check out so this ride report will be the 1st of a series.

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