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May 14, 2011
Chiang Mai
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I know of The Paddock in Bangkok but its too far away for trying the stuff on.
Does anyone know of a decent local shop that supplies quality riding/safety equipment for women? Or am I looking at hit and miss sizing orders from the states!
Have you tried the Chinese helmet place on the way to Pantip Plaza, opposite the Suriwong bookshop? Or Fast Corner in Pantip Plaza? The new place opposite Shutter Bug just off the middle of the north side of the moat square on the start of R 107, 300 meters up on the right (off of the moat square), approximate location: N18.79630 E98.98645 ?

Other places would be Kawasaki & Honda Bigwing (or Barcelona BMW??)
Helmet 2 home had 3 or 4 different small ladies jackets.. And sent me across town to the one on the mae rim rd who is I think a partner where we got a pretty decent armoured textile that fits and looks good, has held up ok, and wasnt cheap junk yet was sub 5k maybe even 3.x ish ?? There were a couple of styles and a scyoco (or whatever) also was decent.

Also fast corner has the ladies yellowcorn stuff to try, tho they had everything for 3x the price of sellers on mocyc so you could try a size and look, then order to be cheap. From memory it was 12 - 15k v 3 - 5 online, which is taking the piss.. Missus was quite sold on a garish pink type number by YC but like I say we ended up with a plainer more functional one.

If shes as dinky as I remember.. Nat has a ladies jacket for sale that been in the shop ages.

Try Helmet 2 home tho.. Hes really expanded, has a load of stuff out the back, and can rapidly order from catalogues he has also. I just got some chick gloves and a second dirt style helmet to leave in cambo.
Thanks for the replies will give them a look. It's more trousers/leathers I'm after. (Chaps if it were up to me:G).

Pounce, pounce, pounce what are ye like!!!
(Chaps if it were up to me:G)

Kinda shocked you don't already have them.

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