Video Elephant Trail for Auke's Memorial Ride

Interesting comment from Ian.

" .... having helped extricate your leg from under a fallen CRF, I had to ride it about 40 metres down a steep hilly section to where I'd been able to park the Rally. It was un-rideable... I was all over the place... and this was after we'd already let some air out of the rear tyre. Deere arrived back to check why we hadn't arrived in the village... and he was able to confirm ridiculously high tyre pressures and rectify same. I'd been running 16-17 psi and he brought your bike to the same level. "
The Osmo battery died after 75 minutes even though it was connected to a fully charged power pack.
I later confirmed that the cable from power pack to camera was incompatible! 😤
I've edited some footage over the same terrain (and the next day, with the side track off to Pai) - have it down to 24 minutes, which is OK for playing in the pub (set to commercial music).... but today's effort will be to get it down to five minutes or so and non-commercial music to upload.

My GoPro 7 developed a glitch recently (I will try and get it repaired) - so I grabbed a new 9. Despite visiting 5 shops, I couldn't secure a battery charger for the new style battery - nor the replacement side door which allows external power (a US$20 accessory). I wasn't very impressed with local retail.
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