Three Visit The Mekong Plus Some Snake Charming 26-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 4010, 1016, Hwy 1, 1209, Unknown, 1173, 1098, 4004, 1290, 1129,

Total distance 172 km

The riders

David Learmonth - Triumph T100
Phil (feelthenoise) - Honda Phantom
Myself - Honda Phantom

David and myself ride to Phils house then the three of us head south along hwy 1 for a few km then take a left onto the 1209 and a few km later take a right onto an unnumbered road

We then use the 1173 and the 1098

Theres some decent bends on todays trip

Plenty of good scenery too

A reasonable flow to the river

These look a bit overgrown

Approaching Chiang Saen we stop here

The proprietor is completely flat out asleep

Just a bit further on and its Wat Chedi Luang

Thats looks like I built it, as in it looks like its about to fall over

On to Chiang Saen and the mighty Mekong

Then its a ride up to the Golden Triangle to view the Mekong there

We ride back to south of Chiang Saen to visit Phra Bhoromtharth Buddha Nimit Chedi at N20.14.720 E100.06.058

The Mekong through the trees

Zoomed in

Phil branches off to ride home and I follow David home through some narrow roads

At Davids house there is a bit of a commotion going on in the garden and this unwelcome guest is spotted. Even though its wounded once its spots the camera and knowing its going to get its picture on the site the cobra is more than happy to rear up and pose for a few photos

David asks me to kill it but I have no desire to do this and as picking it up with my hands is not the best option a long bamboo is the answer

I carry it outside and put it in the fast flowing canal where it soon disappears downstream

Then its the dogs turn for photos

Plus a large pig running around the garden

It seems that it might have been a spitting cobra and this poor dogs eyes may have taken a bit of venom, but hopefully only puffed up eyes for a short while.
It certainly was an interesting day today.

Get the gdb file here ... -charming/
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