The Ducati Scrambler - First ride/review on Jalopnik


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Apr 27, 2011
Sell the sizzle and not the steak, which is fair enough since the targeted market are not into the technical specs it seems ?
Its a nice looking bike and I reckon Ducati will do well out of it.
So far, the main downside I've read is from taller people, 6' plus, saying the bike is too small for them.


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Apr 13, 2011
Nan, Thailand
Kawasaki Z250
Should not have done it ..... that is going to the Ducati dealer in Khon kaen to have a look at the Scrambler's that they have on show for 10 days.

Of course no test-ride (the dealer does not even get the keys of the show bikes) but I had a sit on the different models. Indeed a small bike with a low center-weight. Must be easy to ride. Nice Pirelli MT60RS tyres (front tyre would perfectly fit my Z250). Bremco brakes with ABS. For touring (but is is not a touring bike) a bit small tank of 16l (I was told). For the short sit on the bikes I had it did feel very comfortable. I not really understand the price difference but that is probably just marketing for people who want to show of the bought the expensive model. Only one 1 model has an after-market slip-on muffler.

Very, very tempting ....

As for now the Scramblers are shown in the Ducati show-room but end this months the yellow containers will arrive and be placed at the parking lot of the Ducati dealer-ship. The owner is working on having 2 demo bikes for test-rides.

The dealer in KK is from the same family as the dealer in Udon Thani and I was told that the Scrambler show in Udon Thani is canceled for the moment. I was told the Icon can be delivered in March, the other models 2 months later. The KK dealership has a dedicated Ducati workshop.

Within the price-tag I think the bike will sell very well

Very, very tempting.
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